2008 PCA: Level 21 news

We'll be updating all the news from Level 21 in this post. We're moving to 12,000/24,000/3,000. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. Level 20 PCA news can be found HERE.

  • Lights, camera, action--They’re standing on chairs at the rail of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. It’s obvious the stakes are getting higher, and the crowd here knows it. Their first clue might be all the TV equipment: the giant boom camera, boom microphones, and lights. Now under those hot lights at the featured TV table is an interesting story. The two guys who started the day as first and second in chips are now sitting side-by-side. David Pham, with a significantly smaller stack than a few hours ago, is sitting to the left of Kris Kuykendall, who still has a monster stack. At last check, he had more than $2 million. Kris’ parents say this is his first time on TV. Same goes for Michael Cooper of Atlanta. His wife is also sitting up there watching her husband’s TV debut. At one point, she looked up at me and said, “his hair is standing up.” He could certainly pay someone to deal with that problem with the money he’s already guaranteed here today.

  • Steady--It's all got a bit cagey out there, with the big stacks knowing that they don't really need to be taking any ridiculous risks. For instance, Allisen Connor just raised it up to 65,000 pre-flop and found a called in Marius Olsvik. The flop had two sevens and a three on it, and Connor bet 110,000. Olsvik thought better of it and folded.

  • New chip--There's a new chip in town. It's white and is worth 25,000. Not all players have any; some have a tower.

  • Last Brit sitting--Lindsey Hopkins is sitting on the rail, rubbing two coins in her hands. Every time her husband Craig is in a hand, his wife’s coins heat up. Craig is an online qualifier from Chesterfield, England. He’s the last Brit in the pack here at the PCA. Lindsey has been sitting on the rail watching for the past two days. She says she loves the atmosphere here, and she’s really proud of her husband, who also qualified for EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo and APPT Singapore. He didn’t cash in those events, but he’s already guaranteed at least $48,000 here in the Bahamas.[5:08pm]

  • Goodbye to the Dutch--Erik Van Der Burg just got in with AJ against Allisen Connor's KsJs on a 4c7s2s flop. The turn was the 4s and Erik was drawing dead. He's out in 23rd place for $48,000. [5:05]

  • Redraw seating--The tables have been redrawn, and the new seating plan is as follows:

    Featured table
    1 - Christian Harder
    2 - Michael Cooper
    3 - James D'Ambrosio
    4 - Kris Kuykendall
    5 - Davd Pham
    6 - Justin Phillips
    7 - William Thorson
    8 - Paul Holub

    Table 2
    1 - Mikko Pirinen
    2 - empty
    3 - Jacques Zaicik
    4 - Allisen Connor
    5 - Marius Olsvik
    6 - Craig Hopkins
    7 - Pierre Neuville
    8 - Eric Van Den Burg

    Table 3
    1 - Lance Gettler
    2 - Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier
    3 - Richard Fohrenbach
    4 - Evan Tindell
    5 - Hafiz Khan
    6 - Emil Timberg
    7 - Joseph Elpayaa
    8 - Glen Chorny

  • Winner's list updated--For a complete look at the winners up until now, visit the PCA Winners list.

  • Set up gone bad for Adelstein--"I'd been setting him up all day," Garrett Adelstein said of Hafiz Khan. In the last hand before the re-draw, Adelstein managed to get queens in aganst Khan's pocket tens. A ten on the flop and Adelstein in sent out in 24th place, earning $48,000.

  • Redraw--With 24 players remaining, they are currently redrawing for the final three tables. Details to follow. We play to the final eight today.

  • Ramdin rammed--Victor Ramdin's impressive run is over. He has played impeccably over the past three days, grinding his way up from a low of 2,500 to 25th place. He got his last 140,000 in with ace-ten and was up against Joseph Elpayaa's threes. The threes held up and Ramdin is gone.


    Victor Ramdin

  • Tipping the dealer for services rendered--More details have emerged about the hand that saw Thierry Van Den Berg eliminated. The Dutchman and Glen Chorny were all in pre-flop with aces and kings, respectively. When Chorny saw what he was facing, he told the dealer that if he dealt him a king, he'd give him a thousand dollars. The king duly arrived and Chorny delved into his pockets, handing the dealer everything he had. It amounted to about $950, but the king could be worth a whole lot more to Chorny.

  • Thorson doubles--The action was hard to see on the featured table, but the upshot is William Thorson has doubled up with jacks up against Christian Harder.

  • Rizen deflated and done--Eric "Rizen" Lynch is out. He pushed his last 140,000 in with king-six and James D'Ambrosio looked at one card and called. D'Ambrosio's one card was also a king, and his jack kicker was better. A six came on the flop, but a jack on the turn, and Rizen is finished.

  • Butler busted--Rhett Butler is out in 27th. Hand details are not known, but he left the tournament area moments ago. The World Series final table player from 2006 couldn't make it that far this time.

  • Huge swings--Two massive hands on two different tables. David "Dragon" Pham is almost breathing his last. He just shipped another million dollar pot to Paul Holub, his nemesis today. The board read 3c-Kc-7h-8s-6s and Holub made a call for his tournament life with K-Q. It was good and he rockets up the leaderboard. Moments later, Eric "Rizen" Lynch went to the races against Richard Fohrenbach. Fohrenbach had queens, Lynch A-K. The board bricked and Fohrenbach doubled up, leaving Lynch absolutely crippled.

  • Chips, chips, chips--The full chip counts from the last break can be found HERE.

  • Aces cracked, bust-out--First round after the break and Thierry Van Den Berg is out. He found aces, and Glen Chorny had kings, but the king flopped and Thierry was taking the walk, leaving Chorny to stack a chip-leader's stack of about 1,800,000. Ouch.


    Thierry Van Den Berg

    All photos © Neil Stoddart