2008 PCA: Level 22 news

We'll be updating all the news from Level 22 in this post. We're moving to 15,000/30,000/4,000. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. Level 21 PCA news can be found HERE.

  • Freeroller runs out of steam--Emil Timberg's fairytale run deep in this tournament has finally come to an end. He was all-in pre-flop with 10s and was not in such a bad spot against Evan Tindell's A-Q. But there was an ace in the window and Timberg couldn't catch up. The freeroller, who won his seat on a PokerStars-hosted Swedish magazine-sponsored tournament, is out in 19th.

  • Battleship ho!--We now have our finalists for tonight's World Championship of Battleship Poker. Dustin Woolf and Terrance Eischens will join yesterday's winners Sorel Mizzi and Vanessa Selbst tonight at 9pm to play for the big money and bracelet. Today, Stew Silverman and Eli Ahmadiam won $8,000 a piece for their finishes. [6:50]

  • Cooper down--Michael Cooper is out after getting AT in against David Pham's AK. Cooper wins $48,000 for his 20th place finish. [6:44pm]

  • ElKy making moves, Chorny fading--Glen Chorny is moving in the wrong direction after playing a big hand aganst ElkY and having to fold to an all-in raise on the river. Then he got involved and dropped some more to Joe Elpayaa. A few minutes later, ElkY got paid with QJ after making trip jacks. Elpayaa had JT. [6:35pm]

  • Mikko Pirinen doubles--Mikko doubles through Marius Olsvik all-in pre-flop. Mikko held As5s to Olsvik;s JhTc. An ace on the flop and Mikkko moved up to 480,000. Olsvik dropped to 240,000. [6:34pm]

  • Double-up-- The two relatively short-stacked Scandinavian players tangle on table two. Mikko Pirinen pushes, Marius Olsvik reluctantly calls. The former has A-5, the latter J-10. Olsvik pleads for any jack or any ten, but his prayers go unanswered as an ace flops. Pirinen doubles up, Olsvik down to his final 150,000-odd.

  • D'Ambrosio d'own and d'one-- James D'Ambrosio's tournament is over after he ran K-10 into William Thorson's A-J. They were all in preflop, but by the turn, Thorson had top two pair and D'Ambrosio a diamond flush draw. It didn't hit and D'Ambrosio is out in 21st for $48,000.

  • Gettler gotten-- Lance Gettler is out. He found ace king and got it all in pre-flop against Glen Chorny's ace-jack. Good spot, until a jack turned and Gettler was gone in 22nd.

  • King for a day...or at least a couple minutes--Richard Fohrenbach just doubled up and ranked a 1.1 million pot after getting KK to hold up against Allisen Connor's pocket sevens.

  • Break chat--During the break, I talked to Joe “BigEgypt” Elpayaa. He’s sitting at a little less than a million in chips right now, but he’s still feeling pretty good. His crew is making sure he’s fed and feeling the love from the rail.


    Joe “BigEgypt” Elpayaa

    I also caught up with Kris Kuykendall, who is the current chip leader. He has just under 2.6 million in chips, a pretty solid lead at this point. Kris told me he’s feeling pretty good. He thought he’d be a little nervous being at the featured TV table, but he says the hardest part was getting used to the hole card camera. He feels pretty comfortable about that now. He wishes his girlfriend, Kristyn Russell, could join his parents on the rail, but she had to return home to Cincinnati. She’s a teacher, and she’s also got a job to do. [5:53pm]

  • New level--Players are returning from a break to begin Level 22. [5:47pm]