2008 PCA: Level 23 news

We'll be updating all the news from Level 23 in this post. We're moving to 20,000/40,000/4,000. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. Level 22 PCA news can be found HERE.

  • End of the level--The level is over, with 11 players still in the mix.

  • Not all right Jacques--Jacques Zaicik becomes our 12th place finisher. He'd allowed himself to get down to just 400,000 and shoved pre-flop with pocket fours. Haffiz Khan found aces and there were no complications on the board for the bullets. Zaicik, from France, takes $88,000. Eleven left.

  • BigEgypt gets bigger--Joseph Elpayaa, otherwise known as BigEgypt, just accounted for Glen Chorny on the featured table. Glen raised from the button to 110,000 and Joe defended his big blind. The flop came nine-high, rainbow -- 9d-2c-8s. Joe checked, Glen bet 160 and Joe moved all in. It was Glen risk, though, and he called, showing A-8 for middle pair, top kicker. Joe had check-raised holding Q-9 for top pair, and the third nine on the turn ended it. Glen takes $80,000. Joe's rail began chanting his name: his brother and four friends landed in the Bahamas today and have been to the bar, it seems.

  • Battleship docking soon--The Final Four of the World Championship of Battleship Poker kicks off at 9pm ET. They’re playing here in the Grand Ballroom at Atlantis, but you can watch it online in the Events section of the PokerStars Tournament Lobby. First place will take home $44,800. Second will get $25,600. Stay tuned for updates. 8:34pm

  • And the suckouts just keep on comin'--Marius Olsvik was getting way too short and finally jammed with AT. The bet was 241,000. Play folded around to Richard Fohrenbach who thought for a bit before saying "This is marginal" and calling with K2. Olsvik was good until the river when a king hit. Still, not too bad a week for Olsvik. He earns $72,000. [8:25pm]

  • Say goodbye to the overalls--Justin Phillips, the overall-wearing guy everybody calls "Red," has just run into a piece of bad luck. He came in for a raise on the button and saw William Thorson re-raise from the small blind. Phillips barely thought before pushing in the rest of his stack. Thorson was committed and called with Q4. The four came on the flop and Phillips didn't catch up. He's out in 15th place for $64,000 [8:22pm]


    Ryan Phillips

  • Two quick busts--We're down to 16 and re-drawing for the final table tables. Pierre Neuville busted in 18th place. Mikko Pirinen went out in 17th place. Both were short-stacked going into the beginning of the level. We are working on getting details of their departure. Both players won $48,000. The next player out gets $56,000. For a complete look at the payout table, visit the PCA Prizes page.

  • Level 23 begins--Players are back in their seats, and play has begun in Level 23. Chip counts have been updated HERE.[7:27pm]

  • Level 23 about to begin--After a 15 minute break, Level 23 is about to begin. Eighteen players remain. We'll break down to two tables at 16 players. Headed into Level 23, it looks like Kris Kuykendall is still our chip leader with 3.3 million chips. The PokerStars cash qualifier is celebrating is 25th birthday. Right now, there is no birthday cake. He is, however, getting to munch on peanut butter Ritz bits at the break. He does not have the easiest table in the room. David Pham and William Thorson are to his left. [7:21pm]


    Kris Kuykendall

    All photos © Neil Stoddart