2008 PCA: Level 24 news

We'll be updating all the news from Level 24 in this post. We're moving to 25,000/50,000/5,000. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. Level 23 PCA news can be found HERE.

  • Final table--

    David Pham 7,390,000
    Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 3,060,000
    Joe Elpayaa 2,755,000
    Haffiz Khan 2,560,000
    Kris Kuykendall 2,150,000
    Richard Fohrenbach 1,855,000
    Craig Hopkins 1,770,000
    Christian Harder 905,000

  • Thorson out--William Thorson has just been busted in ninth place by David Pham. Thorson held 44 to Pham's aces. They got it in on a 66x flop. We're down to the final table. Chip coutns and a warap to come. [10:35pm]

  • Racing for millions
  • --Evan Tindell just went to the races for his tournament life. He started the action for a raise, Pham re-raised, Tindell pushed with tens, and Pham called almost instantly with AK. The race was over fast. The flop brought the ace and Tindell never caught up. He's out in tenth place $104,000.

  • Battleship in the books--Dustin "neverwin" Woolf is the 2008 World Championship of Battleship Poker winner. He takes home $44,800 and a bracelet. Congratulations to all the players. [9:50pm]

  • Huge pot, no eliminations--A massive pot was brewing on the featured table featuring Haffiz Khan, Joe Elpayaa and Craig Hopkins. Four players actually saw the Ks-8d-Qc flop, and Joe bet 95,000. Haffiz called, as did Craig. ElkY got out the way. Then Joe bet 250,000 on the 9s turn, Haffiz raised, Craig moved all in, and Joe moved in behind him. Now Haffiz knew he was beaten and got out the way, and the two all in players showed their J-10 hands for the nut straight and a split pot.

  • Battleship Finals underway--"suckoutqueen" and "neverwin" are battling here in the Grand Ballroom at Atlantis. Second place will take home $25,600. First will win $44,800 and a bracelet. [9:48pm]

  • Battleship Finals set--Vanessa "suckoutqueen" Selbst just took it down. She will face Dustin "neverwin" Woolf in the World Championship of Battleship Poker finals. Sorel Mizzi takes home $12,800. [9:44pm]

  • Battleship back-and-forth--They're fighting hard here in the second semi-final round of the World Championship of Battleship Poker. The rail here in the Grand Ballroom is growing for this match-up, which has been going back and forth for the past several hands. Vanessa "suckoutqueen" Selbst just doubled up.

  • Battleship finalist--Dustin "neverwin" Woolf will advance to the Battleship finals. He knocked out Terrance "Asiandude77" Eischens, who wins $12,800.[9:30pm]

  • Well, that was ugly--David Pham came in for a button raise to 150,000. Paul Holub called from the big blind. The flop came 9s7cQs. Holub pushed all in for 630,000. Pham thought for a long time before calling and saying, "I have big draw." He had, in fact, 5s8s for the flush draw and gutshot draw. But, wait. Holub held KsTs. The turn, in this case was irrelevant. The river...the 6c, making Pham's straight. Holub's out in 11th place for $96,000.

  • Battle underway--The battle has begun here at Atlantis. The Final Four of the World Championship of Battleship poker are facing off in two heads-up matches. Sorel “zangbez24” Mizzi of Toronto is playing Vanessa “suckoutqueen” Selbst of Brooklyn. Terrance “Asiandude77” Eischens of Minnesota is battling Dustin “neverwin” Woolf of Los Angeles. Stay tuned for updates. [9:14pm]

  • The eleven remaining players and their chip counts are as follows:

    Featured table
    1 - Joe Elpayaa 2,556,000
    2 - Richard Fohrenbach 1,740,000
    3 - empty
    4 - Haffiz Khan 2,100,000
    5 - empty
    6 - Craig Hopkins 1,360,000
    7 - empty
    8 - ElkY 3,780,000

    Outer table
    1 - Christian Harder 893,000
    2 - Evan Tindell 2,230,000
    3 - empty
    4 - Kris Kuykendall 3,400,000
    5 - David Pham 2,005,000
    6 - empty
    7 - William Thorson 1,505,000
    8 - Paul Holub 873,000