2008 PCA: Level 25 News

All Level 25 news will be here. The blinds and antes are 30,000/60,000/5,000. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. Yesterday's level 24 action can be found HERE.

  • Level ends--Level 25 is in the books. Chip counts coming soon. [12:25pm]

    Christian Harder is eliminated in seventh place, winning $200,000

  • ElkY runs good--Just a few minutes after beating pocket jacks with AK, ElkY has made jacks hold. Christian Harder pushed all-in with 7s7d. ElkY made the quick call with JhJc. Harder never caught up and is out in seventh place, winning $200,000. That pot very well may have put the Team PokerStars Pro in the chip lead. [12:05pm]


    Christian Harder--Seventh Place--$200,000

    Richard Fohrenbach is eliminated in eighth place, winning $150,000

  • Yep, just the one time--Ricky Fohrenbach bellowed "One time!" when he had jacks in the previous hand against Joe Elpayaa's tens. But it was just one time, because two hands later, Fohrenbach found jacks again against ElkY's ace-king. They got it all in pre-flop but there was a king on the flop and Fohrenbach never caught up again. He's out, becoming the eighth placed finisher, and going home with $150,000. We're down to seven, with Pham still leading, but ElkY breathing down his neck, with an approximate $6.8 million.


    Richard Fohrenbach--Eighth Place--$150,000

  • One time!--It's a raise to 160,000 from Joe Elpayaa and a snap all-in from Ricky Fohrenbach. Back to Elpayaa, he barely thinks before announcing a call for 950,000 more. Ricky had jacks, Elpayaa tens. By the river, the jacks had made a heart flush and Ricky is up to about 2.2 million. [11:54am]

  • Cagey--As predicted, it's been a tight start to the final table. No one is under any immediate pressure, and the all-in merchants have been weeded out of this field. The final eight are happy to make pot-sized bets and play real poker. If anyone has caught the eye it's been Hafiz Khan, who has been making a few moves. He picked up a pot of about 400,000 from Kris Kuykendall with a bet of the Kd turn, pairing the board. Then he picked off a probable squeeze play from Joe Elpayaa, moving all-in after "bigegypt" had reraised to 625,000 pre-flop.

  • Faces of the final table--Here are the people fighting for the $2 million first prize.


  • Silent morning--After a week of constant screaming and noise, the Atlantis Grand Ballroom is a little different this morning. The live action hasn't started up yet and the final table is still waking up. Right now, it's possible to hear one's self think. That, of course,is bound to change. The players at the final table have some rowdy sweaters who are bound to shake off the cobwebs soon. [11:24am]

  • Watch it live--Of course we appreciate you being here. However, if you have access to a good internet signal (and your boss doesn't mind), you might as well watch this as it happens. Check out EPT Live for real-time coverage and commentary.

  • Dragon's den--This is David Pham's house right now. With a commanding chip lead, a wealth of final table experience, and a morning spent taking aggression pills, Pham is playing the role of the bully. As always, nobody wants to be the first out, or give up too many chips while some shorter stacks are still around. Still, it's only a matter of time before somebody starts looking Pham up.