2008 PCA: Level 26 news

All Level 26 news will be updated here. The blinds and antes are 40,000/80,000/10,000. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. All Level 25 action can be found HERE.

  • On extended break--We're on an extended break while the TD and players talk a little about the tournament structure. Chip counts can be found at the PCA Chip Counts page. [2:05pm]

    Craig Hopkins eliminated in fifth place, winning $450,000

  • Folding to big cash--It must've been an exceptionally card dead day for Craig Hopkins. He played next to know hands and those he did were all-ins. He finall put it all in from under the gun with Kd8d. David Pham called in the small blind with TT and flopped a set. Hopkins finished fifth for $450,000.


    Craig Hopkins--Fifth place--$450,000

    Joe Elpayaa eliminated in sixth place, winning $300,000

  • Down to five--ElkY's dominance of this final table continues as he ends Joe Elpayaa's tournament. ElkY, with the huge stack, raises pre-flop from the small blind. Joe, in the big, wakes up with Kh-Jh and thinks it's good enough to shove for just more than one million. ElkY calls with A-Q and is never caught by bigegypt, despite vociferous support from the rail. We're down to five, with the bleachers' favourite Elpayaa eliminated..


    Joe Elpayaa--Sixth Place--$300,000

  • Ebb and flow-- Still slow here around the final table, where a pre-flop bet is usually enough to take down the blinds and antea. Sometimes it gets a little further, but not often. The short-stacked Craig Hopkins has been especially quiet, clearly waiting for his chance to double up, but not putting his tournament life on the line just yet. That has meant that his big blind has come under some significant attack from the more comfortably-stacked players, especially David Pham and Hafiz Khan. The other relative short stack is Joe Elpayaa, but he's in a lot more pots, shoving in for about a million more if he suspects he's being robbed. He just found A-K in the big blind and was able to squeeze out both Hafiz Khan and ElkY who had already entered the pot.

  • Bring the lull--It's only a matter of time before the action gets hot again. For now, it's a tad slow again.

  • In other news...--It's pretty good to be a PokerStars Supernova. They get treated pretty well here. One crew of them went out all morning on a deep sea fishing trip for free. We had a blogger on board. The story and pictures are coming. I'll leave it to the blogger to decide whether the tales of woe from the Good Ship Pukes-A-Lot get fully told. [12:40pm]

  • Play about to begin again--The players are on their way back to their seats. [12:39pm]

  • Chip counts updated--With seven players remaining, Team PokerStars Pro, ElkY, has jumped into the chip lead. For full counts, visit the PCA Chip Counts page.