2008 PCA: Level 27 news

All Level 27 news will be updated here. The blinds and antes are 60,000/120,000/15,000. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. All Level 26 action can be found HERE.

  • Kris continues to climb--On the last hand before the end of the level, all four players go to the flop, calling Hafiz's 325,000 pre-flop bet. The flop comes Jh-5d-2h, checked all round, then the Qh comes on the turn. Again, checked all round, but David Pham bets 600,000 on the 2c river. ElkY and Hafiz fold but Kris calls and shows A-Q, which is good enough to beat Pham's Q-9. The ace plays. That's the end of the level, with chip counts to come.

  • Short-stack fightback--Kris Kuykendall is battling his way back into contention here. The latest sizeable hand earned him in excess of a million chips, when his ace-three diamonds picked up a flush draw on the turn and made top pair on the river, which turned out to be good enough against a disgruntled Hafiz Khan.

  • ElkY taking it easy--ElkY is the big stack here, with more than 10,000,000 and he's flexing his muscles whenever he gets the chance. Most recently, Hafiz Khan raised to 325,000 from under-the-gun, and both ElkY and Kris called. The flop was interesting: 9h-10h-4d and ElkY stabbed 450,000 at it. Khan called. The river was also had potential: Ah. ElkY tossed in 775,000 and Hafiz passed, very reluctantly.

  • Million dollar pot--There haven't been a lot of big hands since these four reconvened, and even a million dollar pot is not that impressive given the chip counts. One of those just went to Hafiz Khan, however, when his kings and queens beat David Pham's kings and sevens. The board was paired, which slowed the action, but Pham's river bet of 700,000 ensured a seven-figure pot.

  • Still here, still four--If you'd like to see a lot of pots being played out live, check out EPT Live. [2:50]

  • Back in action--We back in action at Level 27. The blinds are starting to get a tad expensive, so the final four are going to have to get to work. [2:36pm]

  • Final four--As we begin level 27, there are four players remaining. Their names and stacks:

    Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier -- 9,551,000
    Hafiz Khan -- 5,720,000
    David Pham -- 5,045,000
    Kris Kuykendall -- 2,665,000