2008 PCA: Reason to celebrate

This is a big time for the Andler family of Sweden. I found Anita Andler sitting next to the door of the Grand Ballroom here at Atlantis. Her 23 year old son, Christopher, is still playing after five levels on Day 1A of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

Playing in this tournament is certainly a big deal for most of the entrants, but that's not the only reason the Andler family is all smiles. Christopher's dad is celebrating his 60th birthday, and his parents are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. They hope to toast a PCA victory here in a few days.

Christopher Andler is an engineering and physics student at a university in Sweden. His mother says he played in the PCA last year, and he's also played in some tournaments in Las Vegas. While I was interviewing his parents, Christopher popped over quickly to ask his dad to get him two Snickers bars. He says he's never been this hungry. It's been a long day for Christopher and all of the other players who've been at it since about noon ET today.

Anita Andler says she plans to retire soon, and she thinks she would like to learn to play poker. Now, she says, listening to her son and his friends talk about the game is like listening to a conversation in a foreign language. Watching her on the rail, it's obvious that Anita Andler is very proud of her son. She says Christopher is a good boy, and she hopes he will find a nice girl who can tolerate him playing poker. Perhaps one of these days, Christopher will be celebrating his 35th wedding anniversary in the Bahamas, watching his own son play in the PCA.