2008 PCA: Team PokerStars Pro minus one

We started with more than 60 tables, we're down to fewer than 50. And the latest news is that we're also missing one Tuan Lam, who busted moments ago.

It's not pretty, so look away now if this kind of thing offends you.

All the money was in on a board of 9h-10c-2c; two players were involved. Tuan tabled Qh-Js for the open-ended straight draw, Michael "martine23" Martin has 10s-Kd for top pair.

Then the swings. The turn was the Kh, filling Tuan's straight and giving Martin a counterfeited two-pair. That is until another king arrived on the river, filling the house for Martin and sending the Team PokerStars Pro member to the beach.

He'll probably find Luca Pagano and Dario Minieri there. But Bill Chen, Andre Akkari, Katja Thater, Steve Paul-Ambrose, Huberto Brenes, ElkY, Chris Moneymaker are still in and still going strong.


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Photo © Neil Stoddart