2008 PCA: The stories of McEvoy

In poker, one does not rest on his laurels. Time skirts by too fast. Just ask Tom McEvoy. In 1983, he was the first person to ever enter the World Series of Poker main event via satelilte and win the championship. This year will mark the 25-year anniversary of that achievement. Today, McEvoy is still grinding.

Just a quick look at McEvoy at the tables today will show how the world champion and author is still pounding away. Watching just a couple of hands, we see McEvoy jamming on a 2s8sQd8h flop and winning, then three-betting pre-flop to take down another big pot. Late tonight, he sits on 30,000 chips.


McEvoy at rest -- © Neil Stoddart

Across the room, however, there is a PokerStars qualifier who still takes immense pleasure in playing with McEvoy in the 2006 World Series.

Patrick "bigpanda88" Sullivan is at the PCA for his third consecutive year. This time, he won a $16 double shoot-out that put in him immediately into a $175 winner-take-all qualifier to the PCA. He won that one, too.


Sullivan is one of those serial qualifers who not only made it to three PCAs, but also two World Series main events. In 2006, Sullivan cashed for $35,000 and picked up his 15 minutes of fame. His TV time came at McEvoy's expense after McEvoy played a wired pair of queens a tad too cautiously and let Sullivan hit a gutshot straight on the river. Sullivan still gets a great deal of joy recounting the tale.

Tonight, both men are still fighting to make it to Day 2 of the 2008 PCA.

With just 45 minutes left to play, they don't have to make it far.