2008 PCA: Quick hits from Day 2

There comes a point in every poker tournament where the action starts to edge in on us. With approximately 300 players remaining, the money is getting closer and closer. While there is still a long way to go, we're now starting to get an idea of who might have the stuff to go the distance. We have updated some selected Day 2 PCA Chip Counts. When we do reach the money, it will look like THIS.

Meanwhile, here are a few quick hits from the floor.

  • Steve Paul-Ambrose suffering through Day 2--After a fantastic Day 1, 2006 PCA champ Steve Paul-Ambrose has had a very bad day. He is down to 40,000 in chips after seeing his AK fall to a shortstacks AQ. He lost another chunk when he reportedly read weakness in an opponent on a 72x board and his pair of twos wasn't good enough against a pair of sevens.


  • Boomer getting bombed--David Wells has busted. The pitcher had a great day at the mound yesterday, getting up to 100,000. But one curveball too many saw him slump to around 40,000 by mid-afternoon today, and now he's gone. (Not far, however. He's now sweating Daniel Negreanu.)

  • Good luck for Hansen--Thor Hansen was getting pretty short and pushed in his stack from early position with AK. He got called by a pair of nines. The dealer remarked, "Good luck." Hansen laughed out loud. "Good luck for who? One of us is going to be unlucky." The dealer answered with his hands, putting out a king in the door. Hansen is still short with about half the average stack.

  • In Dutch--The Dutch are having an up and down day. Team PokerStars Pro's Noah Boeken is out. The details are sketchy, but when Noah says "I'm going to the beach," he goes to the beach. On the flip side, Erik Van der Burg is having a great day and sits above 200,000 in chips. He's doing so well, he has time to tell me I need to leave the building and get some sun. I think he'll have better luck than I will.

  • Two more team-mates floored--Tom McEvoy and Isabelle Mercier are both out. Tom moved in with pocket sevens and ran into kings. No one knows what happened to Isabelle, and no one dares ask for a little while yet.

    All photos © Neil Stoddardt