2008 PCA: Level 28 news

All Level 28 news will be updated here. The blinds and antes are 80,000/160,000/20,000. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. All Level 27 action can be found HERE.

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier wins the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, and $2 million.

Hafiz Khan eliminated in second place, winning $1,094,976
End of the road--That's it. The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is done. At the end, it was a bluff gone awry for Hafiz Khan in a brief heads-up joust. ElkY, with the chip lead, raised 500,000 pre-flop; Hafiz pushed all in from the big blind. ElkY dwelt for a moment, but not quite as long as you might think for a $2 million decision. Obviously he had some read of Hafiz and called, flipping 8-8. Khan was caught and meekly tabled 9-3. The board bricked and ElkY's eights were good. The Team PokerStars Pro member from France is the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure champion. Bien, bien ElkY!

  • Back in action, ElkY playing strong--After a long break, the players are back. In opening actiion, ElkY slow-played an ace on a JAA flop and pulled more than one million out of Khan's stack. [5:27]

  • You're missing nothing-- The final two are decided but they're taking a protracted break in preparation for the heads-up dual. We'll have all the action when it resumes.

  • Heads up-- Two players remain for the money, with Team PokerStars Pro's Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier taking the chip advantage over Hafiz Khan. The approximate counts are 13 million for ElkY, 9 million for Khan. The money is being deposited on the table, and we're shaping up for a big showdown.

    Kris Kuykendall is eliminated in third place, winning $800,000

  • Kris krushed-- The spirited Caribbean adventure of Kris Kuydenhall is over. He was down to his last 1.5 million and was unfortunate not to double up moments before. But then Hafiz Khan raised his blind for the hundredth time and Kris had to make the all-in call with Kd-Qs. He wasn't totally out of it whe Hafiz showed Ah-7h, but the flop was unkind. It came 4d-4h-6h, removing a couple of Kris's outs. Neither the non-heart king nor queen came on the turn or river and ace-high was good for Khan.

  • Hopkins hopes--Craig Hopkins, the fifth placed finisher here in the Bahamas, has returned to the tournament room to root for one of his final table nemesis. It would be imprudent to say who at the moment, but it's good to see him, and his wife Lindsay, back around the table as they play down to a winner.

  • Double-up? No. Chop it--Kris Kuykendall finds a great spot for a potential double-up. He gets his last 1.5 million in with A-Kd and is called by Hafiz Khan with A-5. The board, however, thwarts Kuykendall when it comes Q-A-Q-A-10, giving both players aces full. They chop the blinds and antes, which is not exactly what Kris would have hoped for given his dominance of Khan's hand.

    David Pham eliminated in fourth place for $600,000

  • Dragon slayed--It took five days before that headline was for real. Now it happens. ElkY raised to 400,000 preflop and Pham called in the big blind with Q5. The flop came KhQh5d. Both players checked. When the Jd came on the turn, Pham checked, ElkY bet 700,000, andand Pham raised all-in for 2,000,000 more. ElkY called with Ad2d and spiked his diamond on he river. Pham is out in fourth place, earning $600,000.


    David Pham--Fourth Place--$600,000

  • If you need a break...--Check out what it's like to be a Supernova in the Bahamas at Gone fishin' with the Supernovas. [4:15pm]

  • Back in action--We're playing again. Counts have been updated at the PCA Chip Counts page. [4:08pm]