2008 PCA: Dressed for success

Scott Seiver is all dressed up and ready to go to dinner tonight, but tomorrow, he'll be hard at work at the tables of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. He bought in to the tournament and is scheduled to play in Day 1B. Seiver seems to be in good spirits. He played in the PCA last year and says he thinks he has the right mentality about it all this year. He knows that there can be only one winner, and in a tournament this size, the odds of taking it all down are small. If he gets knocked out, Seiver says he plans to brush it off quickly and enjoy the Bahamas.

The weather here is quite a contrast from what Seiver left back in Providence, Rhode Island. He lives there with his roommate and old college buddy Isaac Haxton. You might recognize the name. Haxton took second place in the 2007 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Last we saw this evening, Haxton had about 30,000 in chips.


Haxton's buddy Scott Seiver will get his shot tomorrow. He graduated in May with a degree in Computer Science and Economics and now makes his living playing poker. He plays mostly online, but he has played several live tournaments since graduation. Seiver says he recently played a 10K at the Borgata, the Bellagio series, and a 10K event at the Legends of Poker. The PCA is his latest tournament stop, and, who knows? Maybe this year, he'll be the big winner of the house.