2009 PCA: $36 buys a good story

Rebekah Mercer has had quite a career to this point. She's been a college dean. She's been an editor for a publishing house. She's been a writer. Now she's thinking she would like to get into poker writing.

The recent transplant from Ft. Worth, Texas to Oklahoma City is not a person you've seen playing at a big poker tournament. Trust us on this. If she's playing big, it's the $215 Sunday Million. More often than not, she's playing the $5 and $10 tourneys on PokerStars.

Yet, there she sits at Table 36 in seat one, one spot to the left of 2005 final table player Nenad Medic. Medic paid $10,000 to play here today. Mercer paid considerably less.


How considerable, you ask? (Go ahead and ask, I'll wait. Good).

She paid $9,964 less.

Mercer's entry into the PCA Main Event came by way of a $2 rebuy tournament on PokerStars. Her total outlay for the trip was a whopping $36.

"Were here for the same amount as the bellman fees," she told her husband.

With her eye on poker writing, Mercer has the basis for one heckuva story. To find a happy ending, she's got some work to do.

"I'm a little short," she said.

With 5,000 in her stack at the 200/400/50 level, it's time for a double up. If it happens, she could be on her way to writing her own Cinderella story.

And if not? Well, $36 is a pretty fair price to pay for a week in the Bahamas.