2009 PCA: A Polish drama

It's a quiet moment on media row at the mid-point of level six. One PokerStars.com blogger is talking to the one and only PokerStars.pl (Poland) blogger about the tournament to date.

Dot.com: "I just heard that Marcin Horecki has close to 70,000."
Dot.pl: "No, he's got about 17,000. That's all. But I'll check."


Dot.pl goes galloping across the tournament floor to catch up with the Team PokerStars Pro from Zakopane, Poland.

Dot.pl: "It's true. He's got 72,000. He had two big hands. Here.

Dot.pl hands scrap of paper to Dot.com.

Dot.com: I can't read it. What does it say? You need to read it out so that it will fit into the contrived dramatic structure of the next post that I haven't yet thought of, but will retrospectively demand.

Marcin Horecki

Dot.pl Sure. He had ace-king against queens just after the dinner break and that doubled him up to about 34,000. Then he got aces and flat called pre-flop when another player raised. The flop came A-3-2 and they both checked and then the turn was another ace, so he had quads already. The other player went all in, Horecki called and that's how he got to 72,000.
Dot.com: Brilliant.


The tournament continues.