2009 PCA: After Midnight - Day 1B

Welcome to the after Midnight edition of Day 1B at the PCA. We're currently on Level 8 with approximately 230 players remaining.

Victor Ramdin found himself involved in a massive pot. He opened with a min-raise. His opponent (who was drinking a can of Sands beer) popped him with a min-re-raise to 11,000. Ramdin raised to 23,000. His opponent shoved for 55,000 more. Ramdin headed into the tank for several minutes as he pondered a call. A curious crowd quickly encircled the table. Bored players from adjacent tables stood up and wandered over along with different members of the media. A camera crew shot footage as a couple of photographers (including our own Joe Giron) jostled for position.

"Double up or go home," mumbled Ramdin. "I don't think I can call."

He shook his head back and forth before he reluctantly folded his hand. Ramdin was left with 45,000 as his opponent raked in the pot.


And here's some other random tid bits...

- Brandon Schaefer wasn't thrilled after his elimination. "At least I don't have to fold anymore," he sarcastically quipped. Schaefer had been card dead for the majority of Day 1B. He headed to the rail and commiserated with his good friend and EPT London Champion Michael Martin.

- Young gun Vivek 'Psyduck' Rajkumar was moved to Carlos Mortensen's table.

- Mark Seif's table broke and he was moved to Capt. Tom Franklin's table. Seif pushed his stack over the 110,000 mark, but took a huge hit and he slipped to 25,000. "It can't get any worse," he mentioned.

- I witnessed a crazy hand. All in pre-flop. Jacks versus Aces versus Big Slick. Carl Beyl from Germany flopped a set of Jacks to bust the player with A-K and he doubled through the last year's runner-up Hafiz Khan's Aces.

- Louie Cohen from Denver, CO has over 90,000. He busted two big names today... Josh Arieh and Orel Hershiser.

- Some big stacks are forming. Shane "Shaniac" Schleger is up to 150,000 after he cracked pocket sevens with pocket treys. And the current chipleader might be Chris Fernandez. He is one of the first players to surpass the 200,000 chip mark.

- Chris Moneymaker was crippled when his top pair was crushed by pocket Aces. Moneymaker had turned a gutshot but missed his outs. He was left with next to nothing in chips.