2009 PCA: Akkari's $1 million year

There was a time when Andre Akkari couldn't play a $10,000 event.

Hell, there was a time when Andre Akkari couldn't play a $10 event, and it wasn't too long ago.

Just a couple of years back, Andre Akkari didn't have a bankroll. He wanted one, but as many of us know, buy-ins don't grow out of the ground. So, Akkari created lists of online freerolls and posted them all over his office. He played as many as he could. He started winning. Then he went to Vegas with a few bucks in his pocket and kept winning. Needless to say, the victories continued unabated. Now, Akkari can look back at a $1 million year.

Really? Well, take a look at his interview below.

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In related news, Akkari just busted fellow Brazilian Gualter Salles. So, the trend continues.

The apparent chip leader at the moment is Argentina's Leo Fernandez who sits at 56,000 after rivering a flush to crush Boris Becker's aces. Becker is now on the rail. His seat has been filled by Maria "maridu" Mayrinck.

In other news, we have some unofficial numbers in on the PCA. Although the lists are still being audited and someone has run off to find an abacus, the unofficial tally lists a grand total of 1,340 players in this year's main event. That is nearly 18% bigger than last year.