2009 PCA: As big as it gets

"This is big."

That was the first thing we thought as we walked into the tournament area. The sprawling ballroom stretches far enough that we wouldn't recognize our brothers if they were standing on the far wall. The psychedelic tropical-themed carpet stretches across a floor so large, we have considered a stretching regimen before heading out to cover the tournament action.

This tournament--one that could very possibly be the largest ever held outside the United States--is starting up in a room that is reminiscent of the Amazon Ballroom at the World Series' Rio.


Since its beginnings here at the Atlantis Resort and Casino, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure has outgrown two other ballrooms. The room from 2005 seems quaint now and would probably struggle to hold one of the PCA super satellites.

The size of this event is not limited to the square footage of the ballroom. Records look to be broken on number of participants, prize pool, first prize, and every other metric by which a poker event can be judged.

This is once again an improved PCA. The room is new, as we mentioned. Beside the tournament area is the PCA's own version of the World Series' Poker Kitchen. The team of massage ladies could field a football team. Simply put, if you find anything bigger in the Caribbean, it is probably going to eat you.

Nearly every member of Team PokerStars Pro has joined us here in the Bahamas, along with hundreds upon hundreds of online qualifiers and confident direct buy-ins.


Action begins today with 20,000 starting stacks, 75 minute levels, and a room full of familiar faces.

With the call of "Shuffle up and deal," from Daniel Negreanu, the 2009 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is underway.

And if we didn't make it clear...this thing is big.