2009 PCA: Bahbak "bigredAK" Oboodi Wins 2009 World Championship of Battleship Poker

64 players began the The World Championship of Battleship Poker on Thursday. They bought in for $2,000 a piece and were battling it out for the $44,800 first place prize and the prestige and honor that accompanies the World Championship of Battleship Poker.

The top 8 places would make the money. Among the notables in the field were Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin, however, Ramdin failed to advanced out of the first round. Both Sorel Mizzi and Justin Bonomo easily navigated the field en route to the quarterfinals although both failed to advance to the finals. Bonomo was eliminated in fifth place, while Mizzi finished in fourth.

The best-of-three showdown was set between the final two players; Jared "Harrington10" Bleznick and Bahbak "bigredAK" Oboodi.


The first match of the championship final lasted twenty-two minutes. Oboodi took a lead early on, but Bleznick doubled up with trips to even it up. Oboodi slowly pulled away. On the final hand, he had almost a 2 to 1 advantage. He raised to 100 and Bleznick moved all in. Oboodi called with Ac-9s. He trailed Bleznick's Big Slick. The board ran out Qs-10s-3c-As-9c and Oboodi caught a nine on the river to win with two pair. Oboodi won the first match as he took a 1-0 lead.

The second match went fast and lasted only 21 hands. On the final hand, Bleznick was ahead 2.5 to Oboodi's 1.5K. Oboodi min-raised to 40 and Bleznick called. The flop was Ac-3h-2s. Bleznick bet 40. Oboodi raised to 160. Bleznick called. The turn was the Qc. Bleznick bet 40. Oboodi raised to 315. Bleznick check-raised to 1760. He had Oboodi covered, who called. Oboodi had pocket treys for a flopped set. However, Bleznick flopped the Wheel with 5s-4d. Oboodi still had outs for a boat but whiffed on the river. He was out and Bleznick won the match to even the score to 1-1.


Jared "Harrington10" Bleznick

The championship would be decided on the third and final match. There was almost $20,000 prize differential at stake for the final two players. The rubber match would determine the champion in a heads up battle that lasted over forty minutes as a crowd gathered in the corner of the Imperial Ballroom to observe the outcome.

Bleznick jumped out to an early lead, but Oboodi stormed back. Play had slowed down a bit during Level 3 as both players employed small ball tactics. By the start of Level 4, Bleznick had a slight lead. He began to pull away with a 3 to 1 advantage over Oboodi.

Oboodi looked like he was in trouble until he won a decisive hand to avoid elimination. Both players got it all in preflop. Bleznick held pocket tens against Oboodi's Kings. The cowboys held up and Oboodi doubled up to almost 2,500. He regained the lead.

The two players traded pots back and forth and Bleznick jumped back in front. But that lead was short lived.

Oboodi raised to 240. Bleznick raised to 1,800. Oboodi moved all in for 1,832. Bleznick called for 32 more. Bleznick was way behind with Kh-9c against Oboodi's Big Slick. The board ran out As-5s-2h-Kc-3c. Oboodi won the pot and Bleznick was crippled and down to his last 336 in chips.

It would take fifteen hands before Oboodi finished Bleznick off. Oboodi won the third match and sealed the overall victory by winning the series by a score of 2-1. Bleznick finished in second place, while Oboodi won the the 2009 World Championship of Battleship. He collected $44,800 for his efforts.


Battleship Champion - Bahbak "bigredAK" Oboodi

Here's the Money Winners:
1. Bahbak "bigredAK" Oboodi - $44,800
2. Jared Bleznick - $25,600
3. Richard Gryko - $12,800
4. Sorel Mizzi - $12,800
5. Justin Bonomo - $8,000
6. Yervand Boyadjian - $8,000
7. John Drake - $8,000
8. Ryan Garitta - $8,000

Congrats again to Bahbak "bigredAK" Oboodi for winning the 2009 World Championship of Battleship Poker.

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