2009 PCA: Battleship Elite Eight Results; Final Four Set

The final eight players returned to the Imperial Ballroom for the conclusion of the World Championship of Battleship Poker. Actually, it was only seven players initially. Justin Bonomo arrived a few minutes late against his opponent Richard Gryko from London.

Elite 8 Results:
Clubs Bracket: Sorel Mizzi defeated Ryan Gartitta
Diamonds Bracket: Jared Bleznick defeated John Drake
Hearts Bracket: Bahbak Oboodi defeated Yervand Boyadjian
Spades Bracket: Richard Gryko defeated Justin Bonomo

Sorel Mizzi's matches had been lightning quick during the first three rounds as he made mince meat out of his opponents. Mizzi's quarterfinals match was no different. Mizzi defeated Ryan Garitta and became the first player to advance to the Final Four.

On the final hand of the Clubs bracket, Mizzi was ahead in chips 2,180 to Gartitta's 1,820. Mizzi raised to 60. Gartitta called. The flop was 6s-6c-2s. Gartitta checked. Mizzi bet 90. Gartitta check-raised to 250 and Mizzi called. The turn was the 4d. Both players checked. The river was the 4s. Gartitta bet 390. Mizzi raised all in for 1,870. Gartitta called off his last 1,120. Boat over boat. Mizzi held 7d-6h for sixes full. Gartitta showed 4c-2c for a smaller boat. Gartitta was eliminated in 8th place and won $8,000. Mizzi advanced to the semi-finals.

Jared Bleznick defeated John Drake in the Diamonds Bracket. On the final hand, Drake was outchipped almost 4 to 1. He was all in with Ac-3c against Bleznick's pocket fives. Bleznick's fives held up and Drake went out in 7th place. Drake won $8,000 as Bleznick advanced to the Final 4 where he'll play Sorel Mizzi.

Over on the other side of the Hearts bracket, Yervand Boyadjian was outchipped almost 12 to 1 and shoved with Kc-2h. Bahbak Oboodi called with Kd-Jd. He flopped a Jack and it was all over. Boyadjian finished in sixth place and won $8,000. Oboodi advanced to the Final Four.

The Spades bracket was the last to declare a winner. Justin Bonomo arrived a little late for his match with Richard Gryko. Bonomo went to work early and won the first pot. He jumped out to an early lead, but the two would flip flop every couple of hands. Then Gryko struck a mighty blow with Bonomo ahead slightly in chips. Gryko raised to 275. Bonomo shoved all in for 2,196. Gryko called with Ac-Qs. Bonomo had Kh-9h. The board ran out Ad-Qd-9c-5c-6s. Gryko won the pot with two pair and Bonomo was crippled. Down to his last 392 in chips. On the next hand, he was all in Kc-8c but ran into Gryko's Aces. Bonomo went out in fifth place. He won $8,000. Gryko advanced to the Final Four.


Justin Bonomo playing Richard Gryko

Final Four Matchups (Best of 3):
Sorel Mizzi (Clubs Bracket Winner) vs. Jared Bleznick (Diamonds Bracket Winner)
Bahbak Oboodi (Hearts Bracket Winner) vs. Richard Gryko (Spades Bracket Winner)

The Final Four begins at 1:30pm ET. And the finals for the World Championship of Battleship Poker will commence no earlier than 3pm ET or so.

Don't forget that you can watch the conclusion of the World Championship of Battleship Poker starting at 12:30pm on Friday. All you have to do is log into the PokerStars client to follow the action. Visit the Events Tab > PCA Tab > All Tab.