2009 PCA: Battleship Final Four Results; Championship Match Set

And we're down to two players in the 2009 World Championship of Battleship Poker. The Final Four was a best-of-three series. Former champion Sorel Mizzi (Clubs Bracket Winner) took on Jared Bleznick (Diamonds Bracket Winner), while Bahbak Oboodi (Hearts Bracket Winner) played Richard Gryko (Spades Bracket Winner).

Semi-Finals Results:
Jared Bleznick defeated Sorel Mizzi 2-0
Bahbak Oboodi defeated Richard Gryko 2-0

The Final Four players had the opportunity to play simultaneous matches in the best-of-three battle. Bleznick and Mizzi opted to multi-table, while Gryko/Oboodi chose to play single matches.


Mizzi sporting a plush pimpin' hat

Bleznick won the first match against Mizzi in a mere four hands. On the second hand, he delivered the near knockout blow. Mizzi opened for a 60 raise. Bleznick re-raised to 180 and Mizzi called. The flop was 7d-5c-2c. Bleznick bet 288. Mizzi popped him to 650. Bleznick shoved for 1,780. Mizzi called with 10c-7c for top pair with a flush draw. Bleznick was ahead with pocket Kings. He faded Mizzi's flush draw and won the pot with a set of Kings (a bit of an overkill) when the Kh fell on the river. Mizzi was out two hands later when his Ah-8d lost to Bleznick's Big Slick. Bleznick jumped out to a 1-0 lead.

The second match lasted a little bit longer, but it was Bleznick who emerged victorious. He was ahead 2.2K to 1.7K in chips on the final hand. Bleznick opened for a raise of 60. Mizzi re-raised to 255. Bleznick re-raised to 565. Mizzi shoved all in for the rest of his stack and Bleznick called. Mizzi was ahead with Ac-Ah against Bleznick's As-Kd. It just wasn't Mizzi's day. Bleznick flopped a King and turned a King. His trip Kings ran down Mizzi's Aces. Bleznick won the second match and beat Mizzi 2-0 overall. Mizzi was eliminated in 4th place, as Bleznick advanced to the finals. Mizzi collected $12,800 for fourth place.

In the other heads battle between Bahbak Oboodi and Richard Gryko, Obodi took an early lead and won the first match. Oboodi had almost a 3 to 1 chip lead over Gryko. On the final hand, Gryko opened with an unusual 72 raise. Oboodi called. The flop was 10s-7s-6h. Oboodi checked. Gryko bet 84. Oboodi check-raised to 292. Gryko shoved for 1,084. Oboodi had him covered and called with As-6s for bottom pair and an Ace-high flush draw. Gryko held Kc-10h for top pair. He was ahead until the Qs fell on the turn and Oboodi took the lead with a flush. The river was the Ad. Oboodi won the pot and Gryko was out. Oboodi won the first match and took a 1-0 lead.

In the second match, Bahbak Oboodi managed to hold off Richard Gryko to advance to the finals. With Gryko slightly ahead in chips, Oboodi struck blood and crippled Gryko. Oboodi raised to 100 and Gryko called. The flop was 9h-7c-5s. Gryko bet 127. Oboodi raised to 365. Gryko moved all in for 2,063. Obodi called for the last of his chips since Gryko had him covered. Gryko was ahead with Kh-Kd against Obodi 's As-9c. The turn was the 8s, but the Ad spiked on the river. Oboodi snapped off Gryko's Kings and won with two pair. Gryko was down to his last 250 chips and busted shortly after. Oboodi won their series 2-0 and advanced to the finals, while Gryko was eliminated in third place. Gryko won $12,800.

The Championship Finals:
Jared Bleznick vs. Bahbak Oboodi

The champion will win $44,800, while second place takes home $25,600.

The finals for the World Championship of Battleship Poker will commence at 4pm. Don't forget that you can watch the conclusion of the World Championship of Battleship Poker starting at 12:30pm on Friday. All you have to do is log into the PokerStars client to follow the action. Visit the Events Tab > PCA Tab > All Tab.