2009 PCA: Battleship Round 1 Results

The opening round of the World Championship of Battleship Poker is complete. There are 32 players remaining.

Sorel Mizzi won his first match, but Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin and Jon Turner both failed to advance to Round 2.

Here are Round 1 results...

Clubs Bracket:
Shawn Buchanan defeated Philip Wiszowaty
William Reynolds defeated Jonathon Dull
Blake Cahill defeated Victor Ramdin
Ryan Gartitta defeated Michael Somma
Sorel Mizzi defeated Travis Brown
Jamin Stokes defeated Adam Ewestein
Aaron Jones defeated Dan Jiacpello
Adam Koll defeated Lance Boner

Diamonds Bracket:
Justin Truedell defeated Marcus Mizzi
Andrew Boccia defeated David Munson
John Drake defeated Emil Holmsten
Michael Chappus defeated Michael Krantz
Michael Banducci defeated Derek Andersen
Jared Bleznick defeated Bagrov Ruslan
Ketul Nathwani defeated Randy Wood
Steve Gross defeated Carlos Neira

Hearts Bracket:
Kyle Broccia defeated Andrew Pantling
Yervand Boyadjian defeated Michael Shklover
Michael Glasser defeated Jeff Sluzinski
Joe Serock defeated Sergey Rybachenko
Bahbak Obodi defeated Dan Didech
Jared Jaffe defeated Oliver Busquet
Armitkaj Singh defeated Mark Radoja
Josh Weizer defeated Keith Block

Spades Bracket:
Emmanuel Failla defeated Jon Turner
Justin Bonomo defeated Christian Harder
Robert Forrester defeated Jonathon Jaffe
Rob Ford defeated Dennis Waterman
Petter Berg defeated Dan Carter
Maksim Serebrinsky defeated Brian Hawkins
Richard Gryko defeated Michael McNeil
Keven Stammen defeated Anthony Venthrini


Victor Ramdin plays during Round 1

Round 2 will kick off starting at 5pm. Here are those matchups:

Clubs Bracket Round 2- Starting at 5pm:
Shawn Buchanan vs. William Reynolds
Blake Cahill vs. Ryan Gartitta
Sorel Mizzi vs. Jamin Stokes
Aaron Jones vs. Adam Koll

Diamonds Bracket Round 2- Starting at 5pm
Justin Truedell vs. Andrew Boxia
John Drake vs. Michael Chappus
Michael Banducci vs. Jared Bleznick
Ketul Nathwani vs. Steve Gross

Hearts Bracket Round 2- Starting at 6pm
Kyle Broccia vs. Yervand Boyadjian
Michael Glasser vs. Joe Serock
Bahbak Obodi vs. Jared Jaffe
Armitkaj Singh vs. Josh Weizer

Spades Bracket Round 2 - Starting at 6pm
Emmanuel Failla vs. Justin Bonomo
Robert Forrester vs. Rob Ford
Petter Berg vs. Maksim Serebrinsky
Richard Gryko vs. Keven Stammen

Don't forget that you can follow the action through the PokerStars client. Visit the Events Tab > PCA Tab > All Tab.