2009 PCA: Battleship Round 2 and Round 3 Results; Final 8 Set

It was a hectic day in the Imperial Ballroom. The Main Event championship held most of everyone's attention in the room as 103 players were reduced to the final 32.The $25K High Rollers Event final table was played out under the bright lights of the TV table. On the other side of the ballroom, two different second chance tournaments were underway in addition to a plethora of cash games.

And in the far corner of the ballroom, the World Championship of Battleship Poker played out on a series of laptop computers. 64 runners began the $2,000 buy-in event and after three rounds of play, there are only eight players remaining. The quarter finalists will return on Friday to play down to a champion. Sorel Mizzi and Justin Bonomo are among the notables who are still remaining.


Here's the Battleship payouts:
1st - $44,800
2nd - $25,600
3rd - $12,800
4th - $12,800
5th - $8,000
6th - $8,000
7th - $8,000
8th - $8,000

Clubs Bracket Round 2 Results:
Shawn Buchanan defeated William Reynolds
Ryan Gartitta defeated Blake Cahill
Sorel Mizzi defeated Jamin Stokes
Adam Koll defeated Aaron Jones

Diamonds Bracket Round 2 Results:
Andrew Boccia defeated Justin Truedell
John Drake defeated Michael Chappus
Jared Bleznick defeated Michael Banducci
Ketul Nathwani defeated Steve Gross

Hearts Bracket Round 2 Results:
Yervand Boyadjian defeated Kyle Broxia
Joe Serock defeated Michael Glasser
Bahbak Oboodi defeated Jared Jaffe
Armitkaj Singh defeated Josh Weizer

Spades Bracket Round 2 Results:
Justin Bonomo defeated Emmanuel Failla
Rob Ford defeated Robert Forrester
Petter Berg defeated Maksim Serebrinsky
Richard Gryko defeated Keven Stammen


Former Battleship Champion Sorel Mizzi

The Sweet 16 was set which included a couple of top online pros in Sorel Mizzi and Justin Bonomo.

Clubs Bracket Round 3 Results:
Ryan Gartitta defeated Shawn Buchanan
Sorel Mizzi defeated Adam Koll

Diamonds Bracket Round 3 Results:
John Drake defeated Andrew Boccia
Jared Bleznick defeated Ketul Nathwani

Hearts Bracket Round 3 Results:
Yervand Boyadjian defeated Joe Serock
Bahbak Oboodi defeated Armitkaj Singh

Spades Bracket Round 3 Results:
Justin Bonomo defeated Rob Ford
Richard Gryko defeated Petter Berg

And when the dust settled, only eight players remained including Justin Bonomo. The Elite Eight will come back on Friday to battle it out.

Here are tomorrow's match ups...

Clubs Bracket:
Ryan Gartitta vs. Sorel Mizzi

Diamonds Bracket:
John Drake vs. Jared Bleznick

Hearts Bracket:
Yervand Boyadjian vs. Bahbak Oboodi

Spades Bracket:
Justin Bonomo vs. Richard Gryko

The final eight players are guaranteed at least $8,000 prize money. Sorel Mizzi will be trying to make history when he becomes the first player to win the World Championship of Battleship Poker on multiple occasions.

Don't forget that you can watch the conclusion of the World Championship of Battleship Poker starting at 12:30pm on Friday. All you have to do is log into the PokerStars client to follow the action. Visit the Events Tab > PCA Tab > All Tab.