2009 PCA: Five from six

The sixth level of the day comes immediately after dinner (tuna melt and Jamba Juice, for us). For those who didn't have time for dessert, here's some after-dinner treats. We offer them in the form of a few quotes from around the room.

1) "I don't see flops."

Normally when someone says that, they're talking about not wanting to play hands with people. In Chris Moneymaker's case, he literally doesn't want to look at the flop. Shortly after the dinner break, Moneymaker got all-in pre-flop with AK versus pocket queens. Instead of waiting to see if he hit, he walked away. He didn't see he picked up his ace on the flop and scored his double up. When he came back he stacked the chips--over the 60,000 mark.


2) "She needs to double up again."

Those words came from Isabelle Mercier's manager. He's been faithfully standing behind her and tracking every move of her stack, her hands, and her number of chips minute-to-minute. He managed to see Mercier's double up immediately after dinner with tens versus sevens. With around 20,000, Mercier was looking for another opportunity. It didn't happen. She's now gone.


3) "This dealer is the nuts!"

Nick "FU_15" Maimone came back from dinner with a eye on building one of his signature ridiculous stacks, Within 30 minutes after his repast, he picked up aces against an underpair, played them to perfection, and busted victim #1. Just a few hands later, he flopped a set of aces against top pair top kicker and there went victim #2. He was at around 95,000 at the end of level 6.

4) "I can't take this anymore."

Gus Hansen at one point had 40,000 chips. By the time he came in for an early position raise with Ad-Td, he was just sick of it all. When the small blind jammed for 15,000 more, Hansen seemed resigned to the fact this was not his day. He called to see pocket aces. He never caught up. With less than 3,000 left, he was out on the next hand.


That is silence from Jeff Williams as he saw he was way behind with Kd-Qd on a two diamond baby board. His problem was his opponent's set of threes. Williams mumbled several things before walking off in ultimate silence.