2009 PCA: Hevad Khan wins $200,000

by Alex Villegas

The new year is always a time for change, resolution and the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Being only nine days into the year, plenty of people have already given up on their new year's resolution (I know I have), but not Team PokerStars Pro Hevad Khan. After having a great 2008, including winning $1 million dollars at Ceaser's in October, Hevad wants an even better 2009. Actually, Hevad wants to be the best, he has vowed to become Player of the Year in 2009.

Khan's hopes of winning the main event fizzled with an early bust out on day one, but Hevad came back with a vengeance in the $2,000 side event the next day. After overcoming a field of more than 400 over two days, Khan dominated the final table and took first place and $200,000.


Thanks to this victory a new monopoly has emerged in the Bahamas: the monopoly of Team PokerStars Pro. With Elky winning the high roller event that same day, every event thus far has seen a Team Pro champion.

Hevad hasn't slowed down. There is still poker to be played. Winning a poker tournament is great, but winning two in a week could spell Player of the year. That's what Hevad is hoping for. He's currently going strong in the $1,000 side event and hopes to pull back to back wins. There are plenty ways to start a new year and winning a poker tournament is one of them. Following your resolution is another. Hevad has done both.

What have you done with your 2009?