2009 PCA: Honorary members of the team

Time and respect when properly combined can confer upon a person a certain place of honor that he might not have otherwise been able to achieve. Governor Kirk Fordice, may he rest in peace, once made me an honorary Mississippian. I probably didn't deserve that.

If I were somehow appointed Governor of PokerStars Events, I can think of a few names I would designate honorary members of Team PokerStars Pro. Many of those people are here today. They are people who have put in so much time on the PokerStars circuit, they almost seem as if they never leave.

Perhaps the most dedicated and familiar face at events like these is Terrence Chan, A onetime star on the PokerStars staff, Chan took his life in a different direction in January 2005. He began a life on the road and a traveler and pro poker player. Though most of his time is spent playing big cash games, Chan has put in his time on the tournament circuit. From the APPT, to the World Series, to the PCA, Chan has been around longer than most of the big Team PokerStars Pro names.


Chan is not the only exceptionally familiar face in the room. Marcel Luske, Danny Ryan, Mike "Timex" McDonald and many others are making this PCA a regular reunion for the poker playing elite.

One lady who is a card carrying member of Team PokerStars Pro is Vicky Coren. She gave the video blog team a quick interview upon arriving in paradise.

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