2009 PCA: Level 10 updates

Real-time updates from Level 10 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul "Dr Pauly" McGuire, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.
Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 1,000-2,000 (200).

This post last updated at 2:56pm.

2:56pm--Level ends, chips up

Level 10 has ended with 243 players remaining. Selected chip counts have been posted on our PCA chip counts page.

2:45pm--Germans on the charge
After winning the World Cup of Poker last night, the trip to the Bahamas continues to be prosperous for players from Germany. Daniel Krätz only played one step one satellite on PokerStars and then went all the way to the PCA, a total outlay of $7.50. He's now sitting with Peter Eastgate, Eric Liu and about 280,000 chips. Better known, at least among the scarf-wearing, poker-playing fraternity, is George Danzer. He started today with only 96,000 in chips but now has 350,000. "I liked my table," he explained.

2:35pm--Barry Greenstein and the online sensations
The torrents flooding out the door has meant that tables are breaking double quick and the seat arrangements are in continual flux. Having spent much of the opening couple of levels on the same table as Stephen Devlin, better known as "allinstevie", Barry Greenstein is now sitting beside James Mackey, better name as "mig.com".


Mig meet Barry

2:29pm--261 players remain

In the first level and a half of Day 2, we've dispatched more than 120 players. We are now only 62 players from the money bubble.

2.15pm--Brenes burnt

Humberto Brenes just made his way to media row, miming a tear dribbling from his eye and ruefully saying, "That's poker." He started the day with only 25,000, was card dead for the first level, and then found pocket fives in late-ish position, which was good enough for a shove. The button called with J-J and although Brenes picked up a straight draw, it missed and he is out.

2:15pm--Alex Gomes speaks his mind

Here's what Team PokerStars Pro Alex Gomes has to say about his first couple of days in the PCA.

Watch PCA 09: Gomes goes into day 2 on PokerStars.tv

2:05pm--Glad those glasses are plastic

It was a raise from Simon Muñoz, a re-raise from Brad Henry on the button, another re-raise from Muñoz, and an all-in from Henry. Neither guy was short. Muñoz had a decision to make. he made it faster than one might of thought. He held queens. Henry, of course, had aces.

Door card: queen.

Funny thing, though. Henry didn't react at all until the full board ran out. Then, almost immediately, his sunglass came off his forehead and hit the floor with such speed, it's impossible to believe they didn't bounce to the ceiling. Various (and frankly well-deserved) expletives then showered the table. Henry is left with 60,000, while Muñoz sits near 300,000


Muñoz with his new chip stack

1:55pm--Louis Cohen no more

Louis Cohen is making his way back to Denver losing all his chips to Poorya Nazari, the PokerStars qualifier from Canada. Cohen had Q-J; Nazari had 6-6, all of which made the flop of Q-Q-6 very cruel indeed for Cohen. The money went in on the turn, as it was always going to, and Cohen couldn't hit any of his few outs. Nazari now has 330,000.

1:50pm--Riccardo Laccminelli loves a bluff

Sabino Rosito, the PokerStars qualifier from Italy, moves all in on an ace-high flop for his last 30,000-odd. His opponent folds and he defiantly flips K-Q for no pair, which earns a thunderous thump of appreciation on the table from his countryman Riccardo Laccminelli.

1:47pm--Pocket Aces and Mark Seif

Mark Seif's stack surged to over 210,000 after he doubled up with Aces.

1:36pm--First break of the day
The first level was brutal, with six tables being broken. We're now down to 313 players.