2009 PCA: Level 11 updates

Real-time updates from Level 11 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul "Dr Pauly" McGuire, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.
Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 1,200-2,400 (300).

4.30pm--A new force
There's a new name at the top of the chip ladder as players go to the break. It's Simon Muñoz from Spain, who has close to 460,000 as is leading the charge to the half-million mark.

4:15pm--Fresh chips

The PCA chip counts page has been updated with counts from Level 11.

4:06pm: May the Schwartz...oh, we've done this headline before

Ylon Schwartz flat-called in the cut off and both blinds came with him to the flop. It was 10s-3h-4h and Riccardo Laccminelli, in the big blind, bet 3,500. Schwartz called and the small blind player folded. The turn was the 5h and Laccminelli this time bet 3,600 and drew attention to the peculiar-sized bet: "Just 100 more," he said. Schwartz didn't utter a word but let his chips announce: "How about 12,000?" and Laccminelli called. The river was the Kd and Laccminelli slowed down, allowing Schwatrz to fire 20,000 at it. That sent Laccminelli deep into the tank, but the Italian eventually called. Schwartz showed 7h-8h for the flush and Laccminelli mucked. He then reached to retrieve his folded cards, succeeding in rescuing a five. Perhaps he had another of those, perhaps not.


4:00pm--Vanessa Doubles Through Vicky

Two Team PokerStars Pros battled. Vanessa Rousso emerged victorious when she doubled through Vicky Coren with trip Kings. Coren's rollercoaster day continues.

3:53pm--Hammer no good for Font, Durrer vies for chip lead

We call 7-2 offsuit the hammer. You can call it whatever you want. Regardless, it's led to one of the biggest pots of this tournament. Let us explain.

Germany's Michael Durrer opened to 7,100 in early position. Play folded around to the blinds where Spain's Alberto Font re-raised to 15,000 more. Durrer called and they saw a flop of 9-T-T. Font led at it for 27,500 and Durrer min-raised him. Font pushed all-in for some ungodly amount (north of 160,000). Durrer's snap call was easy. He hald pocket nines for nines full of tens. Font didn't want to turn over his hand, but the rules required it.

Yep, there it was 7-2o...good for the crippling of his 200,000 stack.

Durrer (seen below) is now competing for the chip lead with 400,000.


3:43pm--Vicky Coren Doubles Up

Vicky Coren was shortstacked and all in for her tournament life with Ac-Qc against Alexander Kostritsyn's middle pair. The lovely Ms. Coren promptly flopped an Ace much to the chagrin of the young Russian. Coren now has around 80,000, while Kostritsyn's stack took yet another hit.


3.40pm--Friberg surviving
The former World Series final table player Erik Friberg has just doubled his short stack up to about 70,000. Friberg had A-J and got his last chips in, and then hauled double back in front of him.

3:36pm--Stuck in reverse
The overnight chip leader Felipe Ramos has struggled to get things going quite so spectacularly here today and just took a 120,000 hit. Ramos had 10-10 versus Julian Kaplan's A-K all in pre-flop and the A-K made a four-flush on the turn. Kaplan has 220,000.

3.34pm--Paul-Ambrose talks
The Team PokerStars Pro Steve Paul-Ambrose was a relative newcomer to the game when he took down the PCA in 2006, earning $1.4m after qualifying online. Now he is established on the circuit as a highly profitable player, the perfect person to offer words of advice to other tournament newbies. As he does right here:

Watch PCA 09: Ambrose on PLO on PokerStars.tv

3:33pm--Underwood stymies Kostritsyn

And so it was that we saw a board of 2d-Kc-5s-7s-3h. Chris Underwood put in a 20,000 river bet...good for nearly half his stack. Last year's Aussie Millions winner Alexander Kostritsyn read Underwood for being able to fold and set his opponent all-in. Underwood labored long enough to be put on the clock. Finally, he pushed in his last 27,000 for the call. Kostritsyn shook his head ruefully. He must have had next to nothing, because he mucked. Underwood held K-J. His tablemates asked what in the world took him so long to call (what with the giant pot size and most of his stack being in the middle). Underwood, now smiling said, "You guys might have snap called, but I don't play this game. I was afraid of 4-6."

"I could've had 4-6 of spades," Kostritsyn said. He now has 80,000. Underwood (seen below after the hand) has 230,000.


3:28pm--Shaniac On Fire

Shane "Shaniac" Schleger has been vacuuming up chips at his table. He just took out another player. Shaniac opened for 7,000. His opponent from Italy moved all in for 15,000.

"Regardless of what happens, you have the best hand," Shaniac said before he called.

Shaniac was behind with As-2s against Ad-7d. The flop was Js-4s-4d and Shaniac picked up a flush draw. The turn was the 8h and the river was the 10s. Shaniac flushed out his opponent and won the pot. Shaniac's stack is over 320,000. When hot, you're hot.

3:24pm--Liu on the move
Eric Liu continues his terrific form, not just in this tournament but through the past year or so. He has more than 300,000 now, most recently knocking out a short-ish stack with his Ks-Jc against As-8h. An eight flopped but then a king turned an Liu added couple of stacks.

3:21pm--Aces everywhere

The French player Ludovic Lacay just watched a decent slice of his stack disappear across the English channel to Asa Smith. Lacay raised from mid position, Smith re-raised about 20,000 more from the button and Lacay shoved. Smith was all in but called instantly and showed aces. Lacay's As-9s never got any help and the 120,000-odd pot went to Smith.

3:15:pm--Russian leading the pack

The the first two levels of the day, Russia's Sergey Rybachenvo has moved out into the chip lead with more than 450,000 chips.

3:10pm--Level 11 begins

With 243 players remaining, Level 11 is kicking off with 1,200/2,400 (300) blinds.