2009 PCA: Level 12 updates

Real-time updates from Level 12 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul "Dr Pauly" McGuire, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 1,500-3,000 (300).

Post last updated at 6:19pm

6:17pm--Time for a break

Break time. Chips have been updated on the PCA chip count page. Also, we have a new chip leader. David Baker has 750,000.


6.05pm--Putting in the miles

Barry Greenstein must have changed tables about four times today and he's hardly had it easy anywhere he's been. Having sat alongside Brandon Adams, Steven Devlin and John Mackey already, he now occupies the chair to the right of the 2001 World Champion Carlos Mortensen.

5:59pm--Mike Chiappetta cashes

We are happy to report that Mike Chiappetta, PokerStars qualifier, has cashed in this event. This was done without the benefit of actually being here today. As reported earlier, Chiappetta was forced to fly home for a family emergency before the start of Day 2. He still managed to earn $12,500 in absentia. We hope all is well at home and wish him and his family the best.


Mike Chiappetta's stack at the bubble

5:55pm--Sternberg squeaks to money

PokerStars qualifier Alan Sternberg wasn't even sure if he had cashed. The bubble flattened rather than popped and for a few minutes it was unclear who had bubbled and who had made the money. As it turned out, Sternberg was the 199th finisher.


5.50pm--Marcin Horecki eliminated

The Team PokerStars Pro from Poland has been eliminated just into the money, earning $12,500 for 188th place. He was forced to fold when Jeff Madsen moved all in from the small blind on Horecki's big, but the very next hand he was all in for about 45,000. Matt Smith raised from mid position, Horecki shoved and Smith called. Smith had two black tens, Horecki had Ks-Qs but the board ran out dry.

5:42pm--Let Sleeping Bears Lie

Barry Greenstein woke up from a slumber shortly after the money bubble. His stack was looking a little gaunt until he doubled up with A-K.

5.25pm--Getting paid

Now the bubble has burst, we are expecting the usual cavalcade of eliminations. With 40 minutes left in level 11, no one would be surprised to see at least 15 more bust outs before the blinds go up again. Among the players leaving the PCA with more than they came with are: Peter Eastgate, Ylon Schwartz, Marcin Horecki, Vicky Coren, Alexandre Gomes, Barry Greenstein, Tom McEvoy, Max Pescatori, George Danzer, Eric Liu, Jeff Madsen, Adam Junglen, Jon "ApeStyles" Van Fleet, and Ricky "FiveFingerz" Puleo.

The names of the prize-winners will be added to the prize-winners page as and when they're confirmed, and the chip counts page will have all the major fluctuations.

5:19pm--We're In the Money!

The remaining 199 players have officially cashed in the 2009 PCA. They will win at least $12,500.


With 202 players remaining, action is now hand-for-hand. The money bubble looms. One interesting bit of information, Mike Chiappetta had to fly home for a family emergency. His stack has been getting blinded off but his empty chair is on the verge of cashing.

4:56pm--Rousso trouble, Liebert double

Though the exact circumstances are unknown, Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso has just found the rail, less than ten players off the money. Kathy Liebert was in similar jeopardy, but her pocket kings flopped a set for a timely double-up.

4.55pm--The Pirate plunders
Max Pescatori just took down a pot of more than 300,000 from an unknown opponent. I arrived at the table with plenty of chips already in the middle and a flop of Qs-2h-9d down. Pescatori bet 23,000 at it, which his opponent called, and the turn was 8d and Pescatori bet another 45,000 at that, which too was called. The river was the 2s and Pescatori fired another cannon ball, weighing in at 95,000, which also earned the call. The Pirate flipped pocket eights for the turned set and his opponent, visibly disgusted, mucked. Pescatori now has 450,000.

4:41pm--Level 12 begins

With 17 players left to go until the bubble, Level 12 is underway with 1500-3,000 (300) blinds.