2009 PCA: Level 13 Updates

Real-time updates from Level 12 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul "Dr Pauly" McGuire, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 2,500-4,000 (400).

Post last updated at 7:44pm

7:44pm--Players on break

The 142 remaining players are taking a 15 minute break before returning for the last level of the night.

7:35pm--16 Tables Remaining

Here's one table of note: Matt Glantz, Miami John Cernuto, Johnny Bax, Kathy Liebert, and Andrew Li.

7:25pm--One former, one current World Champion standing

The 2009 PCA featured a handful of former WSOP Main Event champions. You know a few such as Greg Raymer, Chris Moneymaker, Jesus Ferguson, Tom McEvoy, and Carlos Mortensen. And the last former World Champion remaining in the field? 1983 champion and Team PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy. Although McEvoy is still alive, he's among the short stacks with 145 players to go.

But wait! There also remains the current World Champion. That is, of course, Peter Eastgate.

7:11pm--Greenstein eliminated, Gavin goes for a dip

We've just been informed of Barry Greenstein's departure. After a player opened with pocket fours, Greenstein pushed all-in with pocket aces. The player called and spiked his set on the turn.


Barry signs his book

To take our minds off losing one of our favorite players, here is a video blog of Gavin Griffin and his girl on the lazy river.

Watch PCA 09: Griffin takes the plunge.. on PokerStars.tv

7:10pm--Bushman gifted half million stack

So, Chris "Bushman" Bush bet a flop of 4c-Kh-Td. Why wouldn't he? He had pocket sixes. So, he gets a call. No big deal. When the 6h fell on the turn, he checked. Why wouldn't he? His opponent, holding A-J was sure to shove an obscene number of chips into the pot at some point. And so, there went all the money into the pot--more than half a million of it. His opponent almost looked as if he might cry when the queen didn;t come on the river. Bushman now sits among the chip leaders.

7:03pm--Ricky "FiveFingerz" Puleo Eliminated

Ricky Puleo was all in pre-flop with pocket eights. One player called with Ac-10c. The board ran out A-9-9-5-7. Puleo's eights were no good and he was eliminated in 152nd place.


Ricky "FiveFingerz" Puleo

6:55pm--Mortensen Eliminated

Former WSOP champion Carlos Mortensen hit the rail when he lost all his chips to a full house.

6:46pm--Madsen goes Ape

Jon Van Fleet, aka Apestyles, has just found his way to the rail courtesy of Jeff Madsen. Madsen's A-K was up against Apestyles' pocket tens. An ace came straight away on the flop. Apestyles couldn't fund a ten and he's gone.


6:39pm--Double for Vicky

Vicky Coren has been shortstacked for most of the afternoon. She raised to 10,000. Her opponent min-raised her to 20,000. Vicky shoved for the rest of her chips and her opponent called. Vicky tabled Jh-Jd. Her opponent showed As-Qd. Vicky's Jacks held up and shed doubled up to over 85,000.

6:35pm--Chop Chop

Ricky "FiveFingerz" Puleo took a massive hit shortly before the break and slipped to under 50,000. He was all in for his tournament life with Ad-8h against Ah-9s. The board ran out 7s-7d-6s-Kd-6c and both players chopped the pot. Puleo is safe... for now.

6:30pm--Players return from break

Players are back from their break. They are scheduled to play levels 13 and 14 before breaking for the night. One hundred seventy two players remain.