2009 PCA: Level 14 updates

Real-time updates from Level 14 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul "Dr Pauly" McGuire, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 2,500-5,000 (400).

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9:21pm--Day 2 play ends--David Baker leads

With 14 levels now behind us, the PCA is now ready to move to Day 3. Official chip counts show David Baker with 925,000 and the chip lead. In a close second is Dan Heimiller with 837. Chris Bush looks to be in third with 776,000.

9:01pm--Nearing the end

With 13 minutes left in Day 2, there are a few more than 100 players remaining.

9:00pm--Life of a champion

Peter Eastgate, who has run deep in this year's PCA, spent a few minutes with our video blogging team talking about what it's like to be a WSOP champion.

Watch PCA 09: Peter Eastgate post WSOP victory on PokerStars.tv

8:56pm--PCA vets

Looking around the room, it appears there are four former PokerStars Caribbean Adventure final table players left in the field. Kris Kuykendall and Hafiz Khan both final tabled in 2008. Nenad Medic and Miami John Cernuto made the final table in 2005.


Kris Kuykendall

8.48pm--Another champ in the mix

Despite Arnaud Mattern's departure earlier in this level, there are actually still two former EPT champions in the mix. Vicky Coren is one, as previously reported, but I just also caught sight of the EPT Warsaw champion Joao Barbosa, sitting behind about 210,000. Barbosa is fast becoming the EPT money-maker extraordinaire. This is his sixth EPT tournament and he has now cashed in four of them, including that victory in Warsaw.

8:43pm--Ylon and winding road

Ylon Schwartz is tenacious. We'll give him that. While not flying around with the big stacks today, he's managed to hang around long enough to put himself into a spot in which he can reach Day 3. After calling a raise to 13,000, he saw a flop of 6d-Jd-5c. His opponent led at the pot for 20,000. Schwartz announced all-in for 42,000 more. His opponent labored before calling with J-T. Schwartz's A-J held on for the win.

8.40pm--The big hitters

Several players are vying for the chip lead, but there's little doubt which table has the most chips on it. Featuring the mighty stacks of Benny Spindler (480,000), Michael Durrer (530,000) and Dan Hiemeller (800,000), table 11 takes top billing.

8.25pm--"What a river..."

This statement was uttered ruefully rather than as a celebration moments ago as a jack on fifth street earned a double up for John Cernuto and cost another player about half his stack. The board showed 8d-10h-10c-Ks-Js and Cernuto bet 40,000. His opponent moved in and Cernuto called for all his remaining chips - about 50,000 more. Cernuto showed pocket kings for a turned full house; his opponent had A-Q for a rivered straight. Ouch.

8:22pm -- Speak of the devil...

Just as sure as we mention Arnaud Mattern, he's gone. He ran pocket tens right into pocket aces. The board rivered him a set, but also gave the aces a Broadway straight.

8.16pm--Three pairs
There are three notable couples still surviving here at the PCA. The pair of former EPT champions are Arnaud Mattern (105,000) and Vicky Coren (250,000). The pair of Million Dollar Men still in the mix are Ylon Schwartz (180,000) and Peter Eastgate (100,000). And the pair of last year's PCA final table players are Hafiz Khan (340,000) and Kris Kuykendall (420,000).

8:11pm--Champion down

With KQx on board, Tom McEvoy, 1983 World Series champion just went down with K-J vs K-Q.

8:00pm--New chip, one player down

The 10,000 red chip is now in play and the 100 black chip is not. The PokerStars ShootingStar George Danzer had been very fond of the black chip up to now, putting together huge stacks of them. And although it's probably unrelated, Danzer has followed the black chip out of circulation. The German player was spotted standing by the cash-out desk moments ago.

7:56pm--Players return from break

The remaining 142 players in the 2008 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event are returning to play their last level of the night.