2009 PCA: Level 15 updates

Real-time updates from Level 15 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul "Dr Pauly" McGuire, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 3,000-6,000 (500).

Post last updated at 1:30pm


Players are on a 15 minute break. We'll be working on chip counts and have them up soon.

1.30pm--Newer chip leader?

David Baker hit back at Benny Spindler's claims at the chip lead by eliminating Asa Smith to take himself to more than 1.1m. "Sixes greater than jacks," was how Baker described the hand that meant the end of the young Brit Smith's adventure and put Baker back to the summit.

1.25pm--Clinging on, hanging in

As Peter Eastgate strolled to the cash desk, which neighbours table two, Eastgate's fellow Million Dollar Man Ylon Schwartz was facing a decision that might have found him following the Dane out of the tournament. Schwartz bet 17,500 on a flop of 5c-Qc-6c and Daniel Heimiller moved all, comfortably covering Schwartz. He tanked for a long, long time but folded to fight another day. With less than 100,000 in chips, he'll know to get busy soon-ish.


1:24pm--Germany claims first Million Dollar Man

On a flop of Ah-5s-8c, Bill Brindise got it all in against Germany's Benny Spindler. Brindise held 5-8 for the flopped two pair. Spindler held Ad-Qd. When the ace spiked on the turn, Brindise did what you might expect. He cursed, he threw his iPod on the ground, and came very close to deservedly losing his mind. Spindler offered all he could: "Sorry." Spindler (see at left below) now has 1.1 million.


1:22pm--2008 WSOP champion eliminated

Peter Eastgate is now on the rail with the simple explanation: "Weaker top pair." The full story sees Eastgate raising pre-flop with Ac-4c. He got a call and saw an ace on the flop. His opponent shoved into him and Eastgate called. Up against A-Q, Eastgate was drawing slim.


Peter Eastgate just got himself back in the game with a timely double up. He pushed all in from the button and was called by Joseph Cassidy in the big blind. Eastgate had 7-7, Cassidy A-5. A five came on the flop to give some encouragement to Cassidy, but a seven on the turn was emphatic for Eastgate and he doubled up to about 180,000.

1:13pm--Coren makes a stand

Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren came in for a raise and got a call from both blinds. The flop came down 9d-6d-Th. Both blinds checked and Coren led into the pot. The small blind pondered a bit before announcing "All-in." Coren immediately said, "Alright then, let's do it." She turned over Kd-Td for top pair with the flush draw. Her opponent turned up Ad-Jd. "Well, no diamond then," Coren said. The board missed every diamond, every ace, and every jack left in the deck and Coren doubled up to 365,000.


1:08pm--Christoph Niesert eliminated

The young German, Christoph Niesert, lost a race to last year's runner up Hafiz Khan. Niesert's A-Q could not run down Khan's pocket tens and he was out.

1.03pm--Good call, bad result

Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy is out after watching his opponent, Christian De Leon Angeles gradually catch up through flop, turn and river. They got it all in pre-flop, both with a little more than 100,000, and Josephy had 9h-9s to Angeles's Ah-10h. The flop came 9d-2s-Jd, giving a set to Josephy, but the turn was Kd, offering an inside straight draw to the Mexican. Sure enough, out popped the queen and JohnnyBax was done.


1:00--Being priced in really sucks

"I have four-high" Mark Seif said.

The board showed 5c-8c-Js-Kh. Seif had gotten himself into a fix. He was priced in to call Kevin Saul's all-in bet. Seif turned up 2c-4c. Saul held a set of jacks. No club on the river and Saul doubled up.

12.59pm--The electric chair

Table eight is the table of death so far this morning, and the one seat in particular. It was empty at the start of the day, but no sooner had Jeff Madsen been moved into it than he was busted from it and it's empty again now.


Christopher Drake came in for a raise and saw a near-immediate push from the man to his left, Andrew Glogowski. Drake made the call with queens. Glogowski turned up his kings. When the dealer went to work, the first thing we saw was a a queen in the door. Glogowski barely blinked as the board ran out bricks and sent him to the rail.

12:46pm--Max Lohy eliminated

It was not a bad time for a move-in from the small-blind Max Lohy. Kevin Saul had raised from the button. Lohy moved in for about 65,000 more from the small blind. Saul thought for a bit before calling with Kh-Jd. Lohy held As3s. The flop brough two kings. By the turn, Lohy was drawing dead. Saul only remarked, "Gamble, gamble."


The field has already thinned to 95 players. The first few eliminations are currently being added to the prizewinners page.

12.40pm--Huhtala moving in the right direction

Brad Huhtala called Jason Glass's pre-flop raise on the button. They saw a flop of 2s-8h-8s and Glass bet 32,000. Huhtala called. The turn was the Qh and Glass bet again, prompting Huhtala to move all in. Fold.

12.38pm--Chop, chop

Christian De Leon Angeles got his last 97,000 into the middle and was called by Jeff Madsen. De Leon Angeles had Ah-Kh and Madsen As-Ks. No horror flushes came and they chopped it.

12.36pm--Support from the rail

Sascha El-Abiad was standing by the cashout desk for his winnings. "It was a pretty good hand," he said to a supporter on the rail. "He had a better one," came the reply.

12:32pm--Sascha El-Abiad can't catch

In a battle of raising and re-raising, Sascha El-Abiad got the last raise in for 150,000 total. PokerStars qualifier Ryan Karp made the call with his pocket jacks to see El-Abiad's Kd-Qd. The board came ten-high and El-Abiad hit the rail.

12:23pm--One down

Daniel Morris has been the first to fall in early action. He earns $15,000 for showing up today.


12:10pm--Tough Tables

A couple of late arriving players are currently unbagging their chips. Action will be underway shortly. There are a couple of tough tables at the onset of Day 3. Those include...

Table 1: Kevin Saul, Mark A Seif, and Nenad Medic

Table 2: Dan Heimiller, Matt Glantz, and Ylon Schwartz

Table 5: Rybachenvo Sergey, Antonio Bueti, Grant Hinkle, and Capt. Tom.

Table 6: Denes Kalo,John Cernuto, Hafiz Khan, Victoria Coren

Table 9: Kathy Liebert, Dustin Dirksen, Andrew Li, and Eric Liu

Table 11: Alexandre Gomes, Chris Bush, and Peter Eastgate

12:00pm--Day 3 set to begin

The final 102 players in the 2009 PCA are taking their seats. Live coverage will begin shortly.