2009 PCA: Level 16 updates

Real-time updates from Level 16 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul "Dr Pauly" McGuire, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 4,000-8,000 (1,000).

Post last updated at 3:00pm

3.02pm--Schwartz's life support runs out

And no sooner is he cut right down than Ylon Schwartz is out. "What a horrible day," he said, heading to the cashiers' desk. He moved all in once pre-flop and got no callers, but the second time he did it he was looked up by the monstrous stack to his left, for whom 40,000 was a mere drop. Schwartz had Kc-6s but he was up against As-Qh. An ace flopped and Schwartz's day, week in Paradise is over.

3:01pm--Ylon's life support on life support

Ylon Schwartz was already badly in need of a double up. When Isaac Hakim limped for 8,000, Schwartz announced all-in for 82,000. Hakim called for less with Ad-Qd. Schwartz only held Ah-9d. Hakim flopped a queen and said, "Watch out, guys. I'm back." Schwartz was left with 42,000.

3:00pm--Alfredo Delgado Davila eliminated

With a short stack of less than 100,000, Alfredo Delgado Davila pushed all in with As-Ts. When Mark Seif insta-called from the blinds, it was clear to the Mexican player it was over. "Queens again?" he asked. Seif nodded and flipped them up. The board ran out blanks and Alfredo Delgado Davila is gone.

2:50pm--Captain Quads

Capt. Tom Franklin is back after he doubled through Elizabeth Bennett-Martin.

He flopped a set of sixes and promptly rivered quads.


Capt. Quads

2.47pm--Messy stack

Hafiz Khan has so many chips they're all but impossible to count. It's not necessarily a chip leader's pile, but he has thousands of the lower denominations piled up making the chip counters' lives hell. Just glancing at his stack, there are 13 full stacks of yellows (1,000 apiece), two bonus stacks of yellows with more than the regulation 20 in them, four stacks of blues (5,000 apiece), four full stacks of pinks (500 each), seven bonus stacks of pink, and a half stack of reds (10,000 apiece). That's just the visible stacks. There are plenty below all that on his second layer. You can add all that up.


2:37pm--It's worth it...

"Let me just look at one card," Captain Tom Franklin said. Play had folded to his short stacked on the small blind. "Alright, all in."

Sitting in the big blind and facing a raise to 100,000, Dan Heimiller said, "I hope I have a nine," as he peeked at his cards.

"Call me" Franklin said. "It's worth it to get rid of somebody like me. Just don't double my ass up."

"I call," Heimiller said and flipped up K-4. Franklin turned over As-3s. With an ace on the flop, Franklin said, "That's a good card," and stacked his doubled up chips.

2.31pm--More plunder for Pescatori

Max Pescatori raises to 23,000 from the cut off and Benny Chen reraises 33,000 more. Pescatori calls. The flop is 5s-Kh-8s and Pescatori checks. Chen bets 51,000 and Pescatori makes it 77,000 more. That's too rich for Chen, who lets it go.

2:26pm--Wet foot? Who cares?

Canada's Elizabeth Bennett-Martin has a problem.

"I spilled my diet pop all over my foot!" she said.

One of her tablemates remarked, "Things could've gone a lot worse for you over the last 30 seconds."

True story.

In fact, she just busted PokerStars qualifier James Kilarjian with TT vs. AK.

Wet foot. More chips. Not a bad trade.


2:21pm--Chip Counts Updated

Head over to the chip counts page to see the latest update.

2:20pm--EPT Warsaw Champion Joao Barbosa Eliminated

Portugal's Joao Barbosa opened for a raise. Paul Greim re-raised to 72,000 from the big blind. Barbosa quickly announced that he was all in. Greim asked the dealer for a count. Barbosa had over 280,000 in chips. Greim tanked for several minutes before he called with Jh-Jc. Barbosa flipped over Ac-Kh. Greim's pocket Jacks held up and Barbosa was out. Barbosa, the EPT Warsaw Champion, was eliminated in 71st place.

2.15pm--Big stacks clash

Anthony Gregg takes a slice out of Benny Spindler's stack. There's some pre-flop action and then after the first three cards come 5d-10s-5s, Spindler bets 100,000, which Gregg calls. The both slow right down through turn and river of 3s-4c and Gregg shows jacks, better than Spindler's K-Q.

2.13pm--Big hands clash

Brett Switzer doubles up through the big-stacked Christopher Bush. It's a fairly standard late-position all-in pre-flop shove and Bush has J-J to Switzer's Q-Q. The queens survive and Switzer doubles to about 220,000.

2.05pm--Tense moments

At the same time and on two different tables, Ylon Schwartz and Kathy Liebert are facing the possibility of elimination. Liebert has bet all in on a flop of 7s-4c-4d-Qh and Eric Liu, who has her well covered, is in the tank. Meanwhile Schwartz has raised pre-flop and the player to his left has shoved all in over the top, having Schwartz well covered. There's a lot of thinking but, ultimately, less action. Both players end their deliberations by folding.

1:55pm--Frenchman Down

High stakes cash game player Guillaume De La Gorce from France became Hafiz Khan's latest victim. De La Gorce got it all in with pocket Kings against Khan's As-Qs. Although De La Gorce turned a set of Kings, that same card gave Khan a Broadway straight. Khan's hand held up because De La Gorce did not boat up on the river. The Frenchman was eliminated in 78th place.

1:53pm--"So sick!"

Dan Heimiller opened for a raise. Ralph Porter called from the button. Finland's Jani Johannes Lehtinen shoved all in from the small blind for almost 60,000 more. Heimiller tanked for several minutes before he folded. Porter called with Kc-Qc. Lehtinen tabled 7c-6c.

"You shoved with that?" Heimiller asked Lehtinen. "I thought you had a much better hand than 7-6."

Although Porter was way ahead, Lehtinen rivered a six to win the pot with a pair.

"So sick," exclaimed the player from Finland. "I got lucky."

1:47pm--Level 16 begins

The final 78 players in the 2009 PCA are returning from break to 4,000-8,000 (1000) blinds. Play will continue until we get down to 32 players.