2009 PCA: Level 17 updates

Real-time updates from Level 17 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul "Dr Pauly" McGuire, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 5,000-10,000 (1,000).

Post last updated at 4:30pm

Players take a 15 minute break at the end of level 17. The chip count page will be updated momentarily, and the most-recent list of prize-winners has just been brought right up to the minute.

4.27pm--Massive, massive pot accounts for Pescatori
The largest pot of the tournament so far - a record that will stand for quite some time - accounts for Max Pescatori, who was third in chips at the last break. The only player on his table who had him covered was Kevin Saul and all the money went in on the turn with these cards showing: Kc-Qs-5c-9c.

Max Pescatori

No wonder. Pescatori had K-K for top set; Saul had Ac-10c for the nut flush. Although Pescatori still had outs to the full house, the Ad river was effectively a brick and the Saul is now the runaway chip leader with comfortably more than 2 million.

Kevin Saul

4:20pm--Angel Manuel Guillen Pereda Eliminated in 51st Place

Kathy Liebert took out shortstacked Angel Manuel Guillen Pereda. Down to 50 players.


A couple of pros stopped by to rail the action including Greg Raymer, Joe Sebok, and Layne Flack. Greg Raymer popped by Kathy Liebert's table to wish her luck. Layne Flack wandered in with a bag full of freshly rolled cigars and chatted with Miami John Cernuto for a bit.

4.14pm--A lot of chips for no showdown

Kevin Saul just took another nice pot, this time from Benny Chen, and this time without even showing his hand. Chen raised pre-flop to 23,000, two off the button. Saul made it 70,000 and Chen four-bets to 170,000. Saul calls. The flop is 3s-5d-2c and Saul checks. Chen bets 180,000 and Saul announces all in, for more than 800,000 more. That covers Chen and he lets it go.


Holding 9-T on a 9-9-6-8-x board can't feel all that great, especially when you're opponent sets you all-in. Regardless, Christopher Drake felt obliged to call for his last chips. Sure enough, his opponent held 5-7 and that was it for the PokerStars qualifier.

4.10pm--All in or nothing

Vicky Coren has no choice but to move in pre-flop if she wants to get involved. With only 135,000 she has no other choice. She does so from late position in a hand with Michael Durrer, and he flashes an ace as he folds.

4:08pm--Timely Double Up

Jesse Michael Kremer woke up with Aces and doubled through Angel Manuel Guillen Pereda's A-K in a pot worth over 420,000.

3.54pm--Mexican wave

Christian De Leon Angeles is on a charge. A vocal one at that. The Mexican player just survived an all-in pre-flop encounter against Brad Huhtala when his A-J spiked a jack to beat Huhtala's A-K. Then two hands later he sent Steven Tabb to the rail when he again found a decent-sized ace (A-10) to better Tabb's A-5. Both hands were greeted with a now-trademark clap and punch of the fist.

3:45pm--Isaac Hakim Eliminated in 55th Place

Shortstacked Isaac Hakim was moved to the same table as Vicky Coren, Dan Heimiller, and Hafiz Khan. As soon as he sat down, Coren commented on how she fancied his glasses. Hakim's time at his new table was brief. Hakim hit the rail when his pocket fives were flushed out by Justin Rollo's 10c-4c. Down to 54 players.

3:38pm--Andrew Li Eliminated

Shortstacked Andrew Li as all in with Jh-10h, but unfortunately, he ran into Dustin Dirksen's pocket Aces. The Aces held up and Li went out in 56th place. Down to 55 players.


3:33pm--Charles Furey Eliminated

We caught the action on the flop of Ad-Kh-4s. Charles Furey was all in against Ryan Karp. Furey was behind with Ks-Jd against Karp's Ah-7. The turn was the 6c and the river was the 4c. Karp's pair of Aces held up and Furey was eliminated in 57th place.

3:29pm--Coren holding on in Day 3

Vicky Coren is still alive here in Day 3. Here's what she had to say to the video blogging team about her deep run.

Watch PCA 09: Coren makes Day 3 on PokerStars.tv

3:25pm--Mark Seif eliminated

Mark Seif made it 26,000 to play and got a call from Albert Minnullin. The flop came down 6h-Ks-5h. Seif bet 40,000 and Minnullin called. The Td fell on the turn. Seif checked and Minnullin bet 100,000. Seif called and saw the Ts on the river. Seif checked, Minnullin moved all in, and after a lengthy time in the tank, Seif called. Minnullin turned up pocket fives for the flopped set and rivered boat.


Seif, out at home plate

3.18pm--Level 17 set to begin

Players are returning from a 15-minute break. Fifty-nine players remain. We will be update the PCA Prizes page and PCA Chip Counts page soon.