2009 PCA: Level 18 updates

Real-time updates from Level 18 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul "Dr Pauly" McGuire, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 6,000-12,000 (1,500).

Post last updated at 5:59pm

6:08pm--Break time

The remaining 36 players are headed out for a 15-minute break. The most recent eliminations have been listed on our PCA winners page.

5:59pm--Bryan Sapp Busto

Bryan Sapp was the latest casualty. Sapp shoved with a shortstack and 10d-9d. He got picked off by Mike Rowe's Big Slick and headed to the rail in 37th place. Down to 36.


It almost looked like Team PokerStars Pro Alexandre Gomes was going to cry.


It went like this. Jesse Kremer came in for a raise to 32,000. There was a call in the middle from Dustin Dirksen. Gomes pushed all-in from the small blind for nealry 300,000. Kremer feigned a hard decision before announcing he, too, was all-in. Dirksen folded and Kremer turned up pocket aces. It was pocket nines for Gomes.

The flop gave Gomes a few more outs Jh-Ts-7c. The three of diamonds on the turn did nothing. And then the river...8c.


Gomes exploded from his seat and hugged his friends on the rail. Fellow Brazilian Andre Akkari came over to help celebrate. In the meantime, a stunned Kremer wandered off to collect his prize money.


Just a few hands later, he busted Brent Wheeler when Wheeler shoved with eights. Gomes called with tens, flopped an unnecessary set, and sent Wheeler to the beach.

Gomes now has 1.1 million.

5:45pm--Craig Boyd Eliminated

Craig Boyd raised to 30,000 from the button. Benny Chen re-raised from the small blind.as he grabbed a handful of chips and indiscriminately tossed them in. Boyd moved all in and Chen called. Boyd held pocket Jacks against Chen's A-10. Boyd was ahead until Chen rivered an Ace on the river. A dejected Boyd headed to the rail.

Chen now has 1.6 million.

5:37pm--Chris Underwood Eliminated

Chris Underwood shoved with pocket Kings. Kevin Saul called with As-Qh. Saul rush continued when he flopped an Ace to take the lead. Underwood's hand did not improve and he was nevermore.

5.35pm--Capt Tom sails away; Elizabeth Bennett-Martin doubles

A strange-three way pot just played out between Captain Tom Franklin, Elizabeth Bennett-Martin and Hafiz Khan, although Franklin would be the first to admit that his was just a bit part. He was in the big blind when Khan (cut-off) and Bennett-Martin (small blind) got plenty of chips in pre-flop. Franklin only had 38,000 at this point and was priced in with any two cards.


The flop came 6d-Ad-6s and then Khan called Bennett-Martin's shove, for her final 160,000. Bennett-Martin had A-K, Khan had A-9 and Franklin's 3-5h was, well, not quite enough. Bennett-Martin is around the 400,000 mark, Khan is a few hundred better than that, and the good Captain is all at sea.


5:27pm--Eric Liu Eliminated in 44th Place

I caught the action on the flop of Ks-10h-3s. Benny Chen fired out around 100,000. Eric Liu moved all in. Chen called with Kh-3h and was ahead with two pair. Lui had Js-8s for just a flush draw. The turn was the 8d and the river was the 4c. Liu could not improve and he was out in 44th place.


Vicky Coren is bordering on ashamed. With less than 120,000 chips, Coren knows she has to double up. It is, in fact, any-two-way-do time. So, this time it was 5-6 offsuit for her, all-in pre-flop against A-5. When the board ran out K-8-7-9-7 to give her the straight, she shook her head. "Shameful. Just shameful," she said. With her recent good fortune, she is thinking about running up to the casino for a bit of roulette.


5.12pm--Table of chips

With the massive stacks and reputations of Kevin Saul, Benny Chen, Felipe Ramos, Eric Liu and Michael Durrer all on the same table, there's certain to be aggression and action. And so there is. Chen and Liu got involved in a battle of the blinds, with Chen picking it up with a sizeable bet on an ace-high flop. Then Durrer bet and took one, before one of the shorter stacks, that of Brad Huhtala, getting one through the big gblind of Ramos.

5:09pm--Chop Chop for Coren

Vicky Coren was moved to a new table. She open-shoved with a shortstack. Paul Greim headed into the tank for a few minutes before he called with Kc-Jd. Coren tabled Js-7h. The flop was Ks-7d-9s. The turn was the 8s and the river was the 10d. Coren and Greim chopped the pot with a Jack-high straight. Coren stays to fight another day.

5:05pm--Players return from break

The remaining 46 players have returned from break to play Level 18. Play will be suspended when 32 players remain. Anyone eliminated at this point will earn $30,000. prize winners to this point have been updated on the 2009 PCA Winners page