2009 PCA: Level 19 concluded

Real-time updates from Level 19 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 8,000-16,000 (1,500).

1.48pm--Small pot for Paster

The final hand on the feature table earns a 150,000 pot for Jason Paster. He calls Hafiz Khan's pre-flop raise then they check the flop and turn which comes 5h-4h-Js-2d. Khan doesn't want to know when Paster bets 55,000 on the river of Jh. That's the end of the level.

1:45pm--New chip in play

The tournament director has introduced a new white chip into play worth 25,000.

1.34pm--Alexandre Gomes doubles up

As one Team PokerStars Pro departs, the other sees his chances of making the final take a huge boost. Alexandre Gomes doubles to close to a million when he and Jan Collado get into a raising war on a flop of J-10-3. Eventually all their chips are in the middle with Gomes's pocket kings better than Collado's A-J. The turn and river brick and Gomes doubles up.

1.29pm--Two players busted from feature table

Vicky Coren moves all in from mid position for her final 65,500. From the small blind, Justin Rollo moves all in for his last 250,000-odd. And David Baker calls! He is the big stack and he has the biggest hand too: he shows Q-Q. Rollo is behind with his Ac-10c and Vicky at least has live cards: 7-5o. The flop is 2c-Kh-5d, the turn is the 2s which takes away some of Coren's outs and the river is the 7s, which gives her two pair, but worse than Baker's two pairs. Coren and Rollo are both done.


1:21pm--Mike Rowe eliminated 31st place

Five years ago Mike Rowe, then in his teens, took on Microsoft in a internationally famous legal battle. Today, he was fighting for the final table. It didn't happen. After he raised pre-flop with A-Q, Jan Collado Y Fernandez re-raised him. Rowe pushed all-in and Fernandez called with A-K. After losing the hand Rowe was left with 47,500 which he put in on the next hand. Kathy Liebert called from the big blind with Ks-8c, better than Rowe's 3s-4s. "Suited AND connected," he declared. No good, though, and he's out in 31st place for $40,000.


1.18pm--Coren doubles up
Unsurprisingly, Coren has to get her chips in the very next hand - and she's actually ahead. She has Qs-9c and David Paster has Js-10c. The flop is cruel for Coren: 10s-3c-8h but she gets some hope on the turn, which is the Kh. And this river is one of her few outs. It's the Jh to make her straight and double her up to more than 50,000. It's still not much, but she's alive.

1.12pm--Paster doubles up; Coren crippled

Two of the feature table short stacks get them all in pre-flop. Victoria Coren just has Jason Paster covered in chips, but she is well behind in terms of the hands. Coren has pocket sixes, Paster has tens, and the best hand stands up. That leaves Coren with a Michael Martin's hope of winning this now - she only has 24,000 - but it can be done.

1:04pm--Happy flop for Paris

When you're all-in with Ac-9c like Bryan Paris just was, there aren't too many flops you'll like more than 4c-8c-Tc. Cero Zuccarello held two red sixes in the pre-flop all-in battle and was drawing dead by the turn. Paris doubled to a little more than 205,000.

12.59pm--Paster finds the all in button
Benny Chen raises to 38,000 from mid position. Jason Paster moves all in for another 336,000 more. Chen tanks and folds. Still no flop on the feature table.

12.57pm--Khan charge
Decked in a San Diego Chargers cap, Hafiz Khan is making his own charge here with another strong re-raise. David Baker makes it 38,000 from the cut off, Khan makes it 110,000 from the button, Baker folds.

12:56pm--Liebert busts Daniel Krätz

On the very fist hand at table four, Kathy Liebert came in for an early position raise to 46,000. She got one call from Jan Collado Y Fernandez. When play reached Daniel Krätz in the small blind, he announced all-in for 419,000. Liebert called and Fernandez went away. Liebert held pocket kings to Krätz's jacks. No jack came on board and Krätz finished in 32nd place for $40,000.


12.52pm--Action at last
On the feature table, it's folded all the way round to David Baker's small blind. He raises and Hafiz Khan re-raises all in for 600,000. Err, fold, says Baker.


As we wait for the usual admin to be completed - the unbagging of chips, the wiring of microphones for television coverage, etc - why not check in with Alexandre Gomes, the Team PokerStars Pro from Brazil, who made it through to the penultimate day of competition after riding the roller-coaster of day three.

Watch PCA 09: Alex Gomes on his Day 3 of the PCA main event on PokerStars.tv

12:14pm--Top 10 Chips and Day 4 Seating Assignments:

Top 10 in Chips:
1. Kevin Saul (USA) - PokerStars qualifier - 2,675,000
2. Benny Spindler (Germany) - PokerStars player - 2,266,500
3. Benny Chen (Canada) - 1,999,000
4. Daniel Heimiller (USA) - 1,579,500
5. David Michell Baker (USA) -1,454,000
6. Richard Adam Geyer (USA) - PokerStars player - 1,383,000
7. Ryan Karp (USA) - PokerStars qualifier - 1,205,000
8. Dustin Dirksen (USA) - PokerStars player - 1,142,000
9. Nathan Zimmerman Plotkin (USA) - PokerStars qualifier - 972,500
10. Andy Fitzpatrick (USA) - 933,500

Day 4 Starting Seat Assignments:
Table 1:
Seat 1: Ryan Karp - 1,205,000
Seat 2: Nathan Zimmerman Plotkin - 972,500
Seat 3: Todd Sisley - 564,500
Seat 4: Richard Adam Geyer - 1,383,000
Seat 5: Daniel Heimiller - 1,579,500
Seat 6: Anthony Gregg - 859,000
Seat 7: Kevin Saul - 2,675,000
Seat 8: Poorya Nazari - 248,500

Table 2:
Seat 1: Pieter Tielen - 371,500
Seat 2: Dustin Dirksen - 1,142,000
Seat 3: Albert Minnullin - 586,000
Seat 4: Bryan Paris - 238,000
Seat 5: Alexandre Gomes - 407,000 - Team PokerStars Pro
Seat 6: Elizabeth Bennett-Martin - 385,500
Seat 7: Cero Zuccarello - 880,500
Seat 8: Christian De Leon Angeles - 618,000

Table 3 - EPTLive feature table
Seat 1: Benny Chen - 1,999,000
Seat 2: David Michell Baker - 1,454,000
Seat 3: Hafiz Khan - 619,000
Seat 4: Andy Fitzpatrick - 933,500
Seat 5: Victoria Coren - 400,000 - Team PokerStars Pro
Seat 6: Jason Paster - 336,000
Seat 7: Paul M. Greim - 442,500
Seat 8: Justin Rollo - 310,000

Table 4
Seat 1: Giuseppe Galluzzo - 531,000
Seat 2: Daniel Krätz - 419,000
Seat 3: Benny Spindler - 2,266,500
Seat 4: Kathy Liebert - 500,500
Seat 5: Mike Rowe - 658,000
Seat 6: Antonio Bueti - 468,500
Seat 7: Felipe Ramos - 553,500
Seat 8: Jan Collado Y Fernandez - 759,500

12:11pm--Players taking their seats

The remaining 32 players are taking their seats to play out the last 47 minutes 53 seconds on Level 19. Play will continue today until we reach the final table of eight players. Throughout the day, you will find live coverage here and at PokerStars.tv.