2009 PCA: Level 20 updates

Real-time updates from Level 20 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 10,000-20,000 (2,000).

Post last updated at 4.00pm

4:00pm--Break time...again

Although we are just 20 minutes away from the last break, we're on a regularly scheduled break for another 15 minutes.

3:55pm--Christian De Leon Angeles finished in 23rd

All-in pre-flop with Ah-Qc, Christian De Leon Angeles got a call from Hafiz Khan who held Ks-Kc. The board ran out 9s-8c-6s-2c-Jd and De Leon Angeles was eliminated in 23rd place for $45,000.


You likely remember, Kafiz Khan finished runner up at the 2008 PCA. Now he is back and looking to do himself one better.

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3:54pm--Cero Zuccarello eliminated 24th

Short-stacked and in jeopardy of blinding out, Cero Zuccarello got all-in preflop with Kevin Saul. Saul held pocket nines to Zucarello's Kc-4d. Zucarello flopped his king, but Saul flopped his set. Cero earned $45,000.


3.49pm--Plotkin straightens out Heimiller

Nathan Plotkin and Dan Heimiller saw a flop from the blinds. It came 2c-2s-6d. Plotkin bet 36,000, called by Heimiller. They both checked the 8s turn and then Plotkin fired 100,000 at the 5h river. Heimiller wanted to fold, then he wanted to call, then he wanted to fold and eventually he called. Plotkin showed 9-7d for the rivered straight and took it down. "You have the smaller straight, Dan?" probed Kathy Liebert, tongue very much in cheek. "Yeah. That's right," said Heimiller.

3.30pm--Table draw details

Television table
1 - Cero Zuccarello
2 - Giuseppe Galluzzo
3 - Alexandre Gomes
4 - Benny Spindler
5 - Kevin Saul
6 - Richard Geyer
7 - Pieter Tielen
8 - Andy Fitzpatrick

Table two

1 - Christian De Leon Angeles
2 - Ryan Karp
3 - Nathan Plotkin
4 - Daniel Heimiller
5 - Kathy Liebert
6 - Paul Greim
7 - Hafiz Khan
8 - Anthony Gregg

Table three
1 - Poorya Nazari
2 - Felipe Ramos
3 - Jan Collado Y Fernandez
4 - David Baker
5 - Albert Minnullin
6 - Dustin Dirksen
7 - Jason Paster
8 - Benny Chen

3:20pm--Slight delay

We're on a slight delay due to table re-drawing. Back in just a bit.

3:18pm--Pay jump

Now that we have reached the final three tables, the next person out gets $45,000. Payouts jump to $50,000 for the 22nd place finisher.

3:17pm--One lady remains

With Elizabeth Bennett-Martin's departure, Kathy Liebert becomes the last woman standing with 24 players remaining. Here's an interview she did a bit earlier.

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3.15pm--"Gonna need some more racks on table one!"

With 24 players remaining, they're now doing a complete redraw. New seating assignments, and revised chip counts, will be coming as soon as we know them.

3:13pm--Elizabeth Bennett-Martin eliminated

Short-stacked, in the small blind, and in need of a double up, Elizabeth Bennett-Martin called Albert Minnullin's button-shove. She held K-8 to Minnullin's A-Q. Two aces on the flop and Minnullin sent the Canadian lady out in 25th place. She earned $40,000.


3:00pm--Huge pot for Gomes

Alexandre Gomes is a major force now having just accounted for Antonio Bueti in a million-plus pot. Bueti opened for 49,000 from early position and Gomes re-raised to 161,000 from the button. Bueti thought for a while before shoving all in, close to 500,000. Gomes insta-called and showed K-K. Bueti had 9-9. Kathy Liebert, and a few of us on the rail, immediately recognised this match up - it was the one that Gomes doubled up with yesterday, his nines outdrawing Liebert's kings. But this time there were no such outdraws and the board bricked to give Gomes more than 2 million.

2:55pm--Albert Minnullin Doubles; Liebert and Gomes Clash

Kathy Liebert and Alexandre Gomes have been sitting at the same table together on and off the last couple of days. Liebert, the former bracelet winner and Gomes, the Team PokerStars Pro from Brazil, have tangled on several hands including one big one last night when Liebert doubled through Gomes with Kings.

Despite a table redraw, the two are seated at the same table today and continued to spar with each other. Liebert opened for a 55,000 raise. Action folded around to Gomes in the big blind who called. The flop was 5d-5c-4c. Gomes checked. Libert fired out four white chips worth 100,000. Gomes methodically pulled off ten or so red chips and added them on top of a small stack of white chips. He pushed them out in front of him for a 260,000 check-raise. Liebert headed into the tank for several minutes as a small crowd gathered to watch.

Simultaneously, on the adjacent table, there was an all in hand between Albert Minnullin and Dustin Dirksen. EPT Live cameras converged on the that table while Liebert was still pondering Gomes' call on the other table. Dustin Dirksen was ahead with Ks-3c against Minnullin's Qc-3d, who caught running clubs to win the pot with a flush and double up. He won a pot worth over 350,000.

Meanwhile, back at the Gomes/Liebert table, Liebert continued to tank. She took her head phones off and carefully studied Gomes, who aloofly shuffled a stack of red chips. Liebert eventually picked up her cards and folded. Gomes dragged the pot.

"You gotta stop doing that, man!" she told Gomes who smiled.

2.46pm--The usual suspects

It's getting personal between Cero Zuccarello and Christian De Leon Angeles, who have found themselves entangled in consecutive battles of the blinds turned ugly. On the first, Zuccarello made it 45,000 pre-flop and the Mexican player moved all in for about 260,000 more. Fold. The next time the two of them were in the blinds, they got to the turn with a minimum of betting -- board showing 5h-3h-Qd-Kh - before Zucarello tossed in 22,000. The Mexican called. The river was the 8s and Zucarello bet 45,000, and De Leon Angeles immediately reraised all in. Zucarello was again forced out of it.

2.31pm--Paris departs

Bryan Paris is eliminated, the victim of two small pocket pairs in consecutive hands. He shipped a decent chunk of his chips to Cero Zuccarello, as detailed below, and he just got the remainder all in pre-flop with 7-7 against Pieter Tielen's aces. The aces were good.


2.24pm--Zuccarello doubles; Ramos chips some from Spindler

Cero Zuccarello and Bryan Paris go to the races pre-flop, with Paris holding two black eights and the chip advantage against Zuccarello's Ad-Jd. But a jack flopped, and another one rivered, to double up the all in player Zuccarello to about 290,000. On another table, Felipe Ramos called a pre-flop Benny Spindler raise and fired out a bet of 120,000 once the river was dealt, showing a full board of 5s-6h-2s-8h-Ad. Ramos tabled 7c-9c for the straight and Spindler mucked.

2.16pm--Sisley stuffed

"Good game guys," says the PokerStars qualifier Todd Sisley. He got his short stack all in with A-K and was looked up by the bigger stack of Anthony Gregg. Gregg's pocket fives won the flip and Sisley departs in 29th.


2:13pm--Back in action

We're back in action after an extended break. You can see featured table action at PokerStars.tv.

1.52pm--Break time

Players are on their break. Chip counts will be updated at the end of every level and will be available on the chip counts page. Bust-outs - and how much they won - can be seen on the prize-winners page.