2009 PCA: Level 21 updates

Real-time updates from Level 21 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul McGuire, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 12,000-24,000 (2,000).

5:43pm--Dinner break
Players take a one-hour dinner break. Alex Gomes, below, is going to enjoy his.


5.40pm--Gomes goes to dinner break with flush, Galluzzo busted
On the final hand before the dinner break, Alexandre Gomes takes a 500,000 chip pot and eliminates Giuseppe Galluzzo. All the money goes in on a flop of 7c-2c-3h, Gomes committed to the call after Galluzzo shoves. Gomes has 9c-5c for the flush draw, Galluzzo has 9h-7h for top pair. The Brazlian supporters erupt when the 10c turns and gives Gomes the flush, busting Galluzzo.

5.32pm--We are family
Six players see a flop - almost unheard of, and Alexandre Gomes, the only player who has folded, desperately wants his cards back. The flop is Kd-Ac-Jd and Adam Geyer's bet of 220,000 thins the field to just Pieter Tielen, who calls. But Geyer's bet of 180,000 on the Jc turn takes it.

5:22pm--Albert Minnullin sees kings cracked and then the rail

All-in pre-flop with K-K vs Jason Paster's 7-7, Albert Minnullin had to watch the board run out 8-6-5-5-7.


The Russian finishes in 19th place for $60,000.

5.19pm--Saul hauls some back

A three-way flop on the feature table: Saul, Gomes and Tielen. It comes 3s-Kd-3h and they all check. The turn is the Qd and Gomes bets 130,000. Saul reraises 280,000, Tielen folds, as does Gomes, eventually.

5:15pm--Paul Greim loses race and chips, wins $60,000

Paul Greim had a little less than 500,000 and pushed it all-in under the gun with pocket eights. Kathy Liebert thought for an age before calling with As-Kc.


Liebert hit both her ace and king to send Greim out in 20th place.

5.10pm--Fitzpatrick doubles through Saul

Andy Fitzpatrick is put to the ultimate test by Kevin Saul, and passes. The flop is As-Jh-5h and Fitzpatrick bets 100,000. Saul moves all in, which comfortably covers Fitzpatrick. "You got ace-jack?" Fitzpatrick says, but calls instantly. He shows A-K and Saul has a flush draw with Kh-10h. The turn and river are not heart-shaped, though, and Fitzpatrick doubles up. Saul takes another hit.

5.05pm--Shift in the chip lead

Massive pot on the feature table that gives Benny Spindler the chip lead. The two table captains see a relatively cheap flop but then it gets feisty. The first three cards were Qd-Qs-3d and Saul checks. Spindler bets 90,000 and Saul check-raises to 300,000. Spindler calls. The Qc comes on the turn and both players check. The river is the 10d and Saul bets 450,000, which prompts an all-in reraise from Spindler. Saul folds and Barry Greenstein, on the EPT Live commentary, is convinced that means the case queen in Spindler's hand. Spindler now has 2.89m, Saul has 2m.

5:04pm--David Baker: "Oh, my God."

David Baker just had a giant sandwich delivered. He ate one bite and put it under his chair. Five minutes later, he had Poorya Nazari on the hook. Baker had pocket aces and wasn't playing them slowly. He bet the flop, turn, and river on a 8h-2d-4h-9h-Jd board.


So, when Nazari called the all-in on the river, Baker nearly threw up his one bite of sandwich. Narari held Jc-9c for runner-runner two pair. Baker lost more than 700,000 on the hand.

4:55pm--Hafiz Khan won't repeat final table appearance

Hafiz Khan's quest to make back-to-back PCA final tables is over. Though we missed the lead up the final bet, on a board of Kc-Jc-4s-Qc-6, Khan bluffed all-in with air and got called by Anthony Gregg's KcTs. Khan is out in 21st place for $50,000.


Adam Geyer and Kevin Saul have been tangling all day. Saul seems to have targeted Geyer and again it seems as though he's just bullying with his big stack. There's a raise, a re-raise and a shove by Saul, putting Geyer to the test for his tournament life. Geyer does call and Saul says: "Nice call." Both players show the same hand - A-Q - and although Geyer picks up a freeroll on the flop when is comes all diamonds (Geyer has the ace of diamonds), but turn and river are black and they chop.

4:43pm--Ramos cracked by Chen

Nice-guy Felipe "mojave14" Ramos has just had his aces cracked by Benny Chen. Chen led out on a Jh-6h-4c flop and, after a long think, Ramos pushed all in for around 400,000. Chen snap-called with a set of fours. Ramos missed his couple of outs and he is out in 22nd place.


4.35pm--Gomes has game

Alex Gomes and Benny Spindler get heavily involved pre-flop. Gomes opens, Spindler three-bets and Gomes four-bets up to 510,000, leaving Spindler looking for 350,000 more to call. He reluctantly folds and is shown 4h-5h by Alex Gomes for the monstrous five high.

4.19pm--Latest chips

Action is underway again, and they've returned to these (approximate) chip counts:

Television table
1 - empty
2 - Giuseppe Galluzzo - 560,000
3 - Alexandre Gomes - 1,700,000
4 - Benny Spindler - 2,300,000
5 - Kevin Saul - 2,700,000
6 - Richard Geyer - 1,100,000
7 - Pieter Tielen - 850,000
8 - Andy Fitzpatrick - 973,000

Table two
1 - empty
2 - Ryan Karp - 1,188,000
3 - Nathan Plotkin - 875,000
4 - Daniel Heimiller - 1,500,000
5 - Kathy Liebert - 830,000
6 - Paul Greim - 785,000
7 - Hafiz Khan - 1,150,000
8 - Anthony Gregg - 1,200,000

Table three

1 - Poorya Nazari - 1,068,000
2 - Felipe Ramos - 640,000
3 - Jan Collado Y Fernandez - 560,000
4 - David Baker - 1,555,000
5 - Albert Minnullin - 480,000
6 - Dustin Dirksen - 1,850,000
7 - Jason Paster - 850,000
8 - Benny Chen - 2,250,000

4:12pm--Players returning from break

Players are about to return from break. We hope to be started again soon.