2009 PCA: Level 22 updates

Real-time updates from Level 22 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul McGuire, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 15,000-30,000 (2,000).

Post last updated at 8.31pm

8:31pm--Gomes Likes 9-8 Suited

An interesting hand developed on the outer table just before the break. Alex Gomes raised to 80,000. Poorya Nazari called from the button. Dustin Dirksen re-raised to 225,000 from the big blind. Gomes headed into the tank as the clock expired which indicated a break. The spectators at the TV table spilled out into the outer table area and a massive wall of railbirds formed to watch the action. Gomes announced that he wanted to re-raise to 400,000. Nazari and Dirksen quickly folded. Gomes flashed his cards... the 9s-8s... much to the glee of his fellow Brazilians rooting him on. Gomes raked in the pot and players headed onto a break.

8.25pm--A hand at last

It's been exceptionally slow going still here in the Bahamas, but just before the break a major hand brews on the feature table. Benny Spindler opens for 75,000 under-the-gun and Nathan Plotkin calls on the button, as does Benny Chen in the small blind. Just Kevin Saul to act in the big blind, and act he does, reraising to 225,000. Spindler is having none of it and shoves all in. It's 1,973,000 in total and that's quite enough. Plotkin and Chen get out the way and Saul flips 10-10 into the muck.

7:59pm--Feature table domination
The action on the feature table is distinctly one-way. Kevin Saul, reunited with a big stack after eliminated Jason Paster, is three-betting at every opportunity and usually getting players to lay down their hands. Nathan Plotkin did the same when he had the chance, reraising all in over Andy Fitzpatrick's 75,000 late-position bet. That was good enough too.

7:38pm--Getting ready to re-start

Players are returning to their seats. We're still getting a look at chip counts, but at this hour it appears Benny Chen (below) remains our chip leader.


7:19pm--Jason Paster Eliminated in 17th Place

Jason Paster raised from the cutoff for 73,000. Kevin Saul called from the big blind. The flop was As-6h-3h. Saul checked. Paster bet 106,000. Saul check-raised to 256,000. After a couple of seconds of deliberation, Paster called. The turn was the Kd. Saul announced that he was all in. Paster tanked for several minutes as a crowd of media encircled his table. After several minutes, Paster said, "I call."

Saul was ahead with a set of sixes. Paster was behind with Ah-Qs.

"That's what I put you on," said Saul. The river was the 3s. Saul won the pot with a full house and Paster was eliminated in 17th place. Action was paused while the final 16 players redraw for seats.


Jason Paster, 17th place


Saul rakes in Paster's remains

7.10pm--Slow going

The tournament continues its go slow, with hardly any pots of any note. On one of the outer tables Nathan Plotkin gets involved with Dustin Dirksen, with DD coming out on top. It's three-way to the flop, which is 8s-Ac-3s and after Plotkin checks, Dirksen bets 230,000. Anthony Gregg folds but Plotkin calls. The 2s turns and the pattern repeats exactly - check, 230,000 from Dirksen - but this time Plotkin folds.

7:01pm--Food coma

Even though the dinner break was a quick one, the players seem to have lapsed into a bit of a food coma. It's been pretty quiet for the last 15 minutes or so.

6:45pm--Dessert time

Players are returning from a quick dinner. With 17 players remaining, the tournament will continue until we reach the eight-handed final table.