2009 PCA: Level 24 updates

Real-time updates from Level 24 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul 'Dr. Pauly' McGuire, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 30,000-60,000 (5,000).

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12:00am--Players on break

After 12 hours of play, the remaining 11 players are on a 15 minutes break.

11:54pm--Kathy Liebert eliminated in 12th place

Kathy Liebert's terrific run at the PCA is over. She was super short stacked and shoved all in for her final 415,000 with pocket fives. Kevin Saul, with a massive stack, made what was probably a mandatory call even with only Ks-8s and it turned out to be good when the board ran out Qc-Jd-Qd-Jc-3c, which gave Saul the better kicker on the two-pair board.


That was the last action of level 24 and players are now taking a break.

11:52pm--Fernandez catches and doubles

Dustin Dirksen came in for a raise to 150,000 and got calls from Dan Heimiller and Jan Fernandez. The came down Ks-2c-Tc. Fernandez pushed all in for a few hundred thousand. Dirksen called and Heimiller folded. Dirksen had QQ and couldn't beat Fernandez's K-4.

11:44pm--Poorya Nazari Doubles

Poorya Nazari opened shoved for 735,000. Ryan Karp moved all in from the button. The blinds folded. Nazari flipped over Qh-7h and Karp showed Big Slick. Nazari's friends screamed out to the dealer for a "Queen or a seven! Queen or a seven!" Karp was ahead until the seven of clubs spiked on river. Nazari's railbirds got their wish and Nazari doubled up to over 1.5 million. All Karp do was shake his head in bewilderment.

11:39pm--Gomes improves hand selection, chip stack, smile quotient

Dan Heimiller came in for a raise to 150,000 and Gomes simply pushed all-in for 2,145,000. Safe to say--after he did the same thing with Qc-Jc earlier--the table didn't think much of the raise. Poorya Nazari thought enough of his jacks to move all-in, too. Ryan Karp almost called with A-K. Heimiller got out of the way and Nazari flipped over two red jacks. Gomes...two red kings. The board ran out 2-9-7-7-9 and the room exploded with Brazilian cheer and hugging (You know when somebody mistakes me for a Brazilian, it's getting really late).

Gomes finished the hand with 4.3 million-ish.

11:34pm--Chop It

Battle of the blinds between Kathy Liebert and Tony Gregg. Liebert shoved and Gregg called. Liebert was behind with Ad-4h against Gregg's As-5d. The board ran out 9d-6h-3s-Qh-3h which meant that Liebert and Gregg chopped the pot. Liebert avoided elimination and lived to see another day.

11:12pm--Dirksen Doubles With Aces

Alex Gomes raised to 150,000 from early position. Dustin Dirksen re-raised to 365,000 from the cutoff. Action folded back to Gomes. He asked the dealer for a count of Dirksen's stack. It was a shade under 2 million.

"Don't do it," warned Dirksen.

Gomes did not heed Dirksen's advice and shoved all in. Dirksen quickly called and tabled Ac-Ah. "I told you not to," he said.

Gomes sheepishly flipped over Qc-Jc. The board ran out Kd-5d-5h-6s-Kc. Dirksen's Aces held up and he surged to over 4 million in chips, as Gomes took a massive hit and slipped to 1.4 million.

11:11pm--Andrew Fitzgerald doubles up

After the last elimination, Andrew Fitzgerald was moved to the feature table. Actually, he returned to the feature table that he departed one elimination before that. Anyway, once he was settled back under the studio lights, he got all his last chips all in with 10s-9s in the big blind. Tony Gregg was priced in and was actually ahead with his J-6. But there were two spades on the flop, another on the turn and a flush for Fitzpatrick was good for a double up.

11:01pm--Nate Plotkin Eliminated in 13th Place

Over at the TV table, Nate Plotkin was all in with pocket nines against Kevin Saul's Ad-Jc. The flop was 7d-6h-5h. The turn was the Kh and the river was the Jh. Saul rivered a pair of Jacks and he won the pot. Plotkin headed to the rail in 13th place and collected $105,000. Down to 12.


10:58--Wake up, Dan!

Dan Heimiller just woke up with aces when he most needed them. Ryan Karp raised from the small blind, Heimiller peeked, shoved, and doubled up against Karp's K-2 on a Q-J-3-9-5 board. Heimiller now has 800,000.

10:52--B-b-b-Benny's 'bout to jet

Benny Chen's day went from fantastic to horrible in the course of just a couple of hours. After the big pot with Tony Gregg a couple of minutes ago, Chen put his last 90,000 chips in the middle with 6d-7d. He got called in two spots. By the river, Pieter Tielen's K-9 had made a pair and Chen was out. His 14th place finish earned him $95,000. His exit also leaves us with only one Benny in the PCA main event, Benny Splinder.


10.43pm--Another double up, this time for Gregg

Tony Gregg gets it all in pre-flop against Benny Chen. "All" in this context means his final 1,640,000. Chen calls and shows pocket sevens, Gregg has A-Q. An ace in the window vaults Gregg into the lead and he doesn't relinquish it through turn and river. Gregg now has more than three million and Chen is in trouble.

10:38pm--Double up for Pieter Tielen

Kevin Saul opens for 140,000 from under-the-gun. It's a familiar refrain. However Pieter Tielen, who has been relatively quiet, moves all in for his last 760,000, meaning Saul has to find 620,000 more for the call. After a small bit of mental arithmetic, he does call and has pocket fives. Tilen has jacks and survives an open-ended straight draw for Saul on the turn to double up.

10:27pm--Adam Geyer Eliminated in 15th Place

Alex Gomes raised to 170,000. Adam Geyer moved all in for 970,000. Poorya Nazari also announced that he was all in. Action folded to Gomes and he quickly got out of the hand. Geyer tabled Ad-3d and was behind Nazari's pocket Jacks. The board ran out Qd-Qs-6s-9s-3c. Nazari's Jacks held up and Geyer was eliminated in 15th place. Down to 14.


10:26pm--Back to the action

Cards are back in the air. There aren't anymore 1,000 chips on the table. That means the antes will now be 5,000 (incidentally, 25% of a starting stack here).


Players are taking a quick break while they colour up the 1,000 chips. When we return they will no longer be dealing with yellow chips.