2009 PCA: Level 25 updates

Real-time updates from Level 25 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul 'Dr. Pauly' McGuire, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 40,000-80,000 (5,000).

1:36am--Jan Fernandez Eliminated in 9th Place; Final Table Set

Poorya Nazari raised to 205,000 and Jan Fernandez moved all in. Nazari called with As-10h. Fernandez was ahead with pocket Jacks. The flop was Ad-3h-2s and Nazari took the lead. The turn was the Qd and the river was the 8h. Nazari won the hand and Fernandez was eliminated in ninth place... on the final table bubble. The young German collected $175,000 for his efforts.

With Fernandez's elimination, we're down to a final table of eight players. Action is over for tonight. The final table will resume at 1pm on Saturday. Stay tuned for official end of Day 4 chipcounts.

1:25am--Gomes Doubles Through Saul; Snags Chiplead

On the flop of 6c-6h-2c, Alex Gomes was first to act and bet 355,000. Kevin Saul called. The turn was the 6s. Gomes checked and Saul fired out 500,000. Gomes went into the tank. He took off his sunglasses and massaged his forehead before he called. The river was the Qs. Gomes checked. Saul bet 1.3 million. Gomes announced that he was all in for 2.885 million. Saul tanked for a few minutes before he called. Gomes quickly tabled his hand... pocket Aces for a full house. Saul wanted to muck his hand, but he had to show his cards. He flipped over K-Q for a smaller boat. Gomes picked up one of the largest pots of the tournament. Gomes increased his stack to over 7 million as Saul slipped to under 2 million.

1.15am--Chip counts
We're down to nine and the latest chip counts, after Nazari's double up, can be found on the chip count page.

1.06am--Poorya Nazari doubles up

A great time to find aces. Kevin Saul raised in early position and Dustin Dirksen re-raised to 555,000 one seat to his left. One seat further round, Poorya Nazari announced reraise and said he was all in for a little more than two million. All the blinds and Saul got out the way but Dirksen had a genuine decision, and eventually he called and tabled Ac-Ks. Nazari had two red aces and although a king flopped to make him sweat through turn and river, the Canadian's aces held up and he doubles to about four million. Dirksen is down to about one million.

12:49am--Final Nine Seating Assignments

Seat 1: Jan Fernandez
Seat 2: Tony Gregg
Seat 3: Alex Gomes (Team PokerStars Pro)
Seat 4: Pieter Tielen
Seat 5: Dan Heimiller
Seat 6: Benny Spindler
Seat 7: Kevin Saul
Seat 8: Dustin Dirksen
Seat 9: Poorya Nazari

12:29am--Ryan Karp Eliminated

Action folded to Poorya Nazari on the button. He moved all in. Ryan Karp insta-called with pocket tens. Nazari tabled pocket Queens much to the dismay of Karp. Nazari had Karp covered. Alex Gomes leaned over to Nazari and said, "I folded a ten."

The board ran out Ks-Qc-6c-4d-9s. Nazari's Queens held up and Ryan Karp was eliminated in 10th place. He collected $150,000.


There are nine players remaining. Action has been paused, while the final two tables are consolidated into one. We will continue playing until one more player is eliminated.

12:25am--Chip counts updated

The most recent chip counts from the break have been updated on the PCA chip counts page.

12.19am--Andy Fitzpatrick eliminated in 11th place

Andy Fitzpatrick's day is done. He was the short stack at the last break and got his last chips in with K-10. He was up against Pieter Tielen's As-Qs and he was way behind after the flop of Ac-Qd-9d. Although at this point he had straight and backdoor flush draws, none of them came through turn (8h) and river (7h). Fitzpatrick takes $135,000.


12:13am--Karp Doubles; Silences the Brazilians

On the first hand after the break, Ryan Karp shoved all in for 590,000. Alex Gomes called from the big blind with Qh-10s. Karp held Kd-8h. The flop was the Qs-7d-4d and Gomes took the lead as his posse started an early celebration. The turn was the As and the river was the Kh. Karp's railbirds went bonkers when the King spiked on the river to secure Karp a double up, as Gomes' railbirds went silent.


Ryan Karp...beseeching

12:00am--In the midnight hour

We have just past midnight in the Bahamas and 11 players remain. Remember, an EPT final table seats only eight, so we need to lose three more. Chip counts for the last handful will be with you soon.