2009 PCA: Level 28 updates

Real-time updates from Level 28 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul 'Dr. Pauly' McGuire, Stephen Bartley, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 75,000-150,000 (15,000).

7:27pm--Level ends

Players are on a short break to color up the 5,000 chips.

7:20pm--Updated Chip Counts

Poorya Nazari - 10,080,000
Anthony Gregg - 9,660,000
Benny Spindler - 7,150,000

7:05pm--Nazari Straights

Heads up action between Poorya Nazari and Benny Spindler. Both players checked the flop of Jh-9s-9c. The turn was the 10c. Spindler fired out 450,000 and Nazari called. The river was the Ks. Spindler checked. Nazari bet 880,000 and Spindler called. Nazari showed Q-x for a King-high straight. Spindler mucked his hand and Nazari won the pot.

Poorya Nazari

6.55pm: All three to a flop

Pre-flop Nazari made it 400,000 and Gregg and Spindler called from the blinds. All three players checked the flop of 3h-3d-Tc before a Td turn. That prompted Gregg to make it 490,000 to continue. Spindler agreed while Nazari folded before the 9s river. Both checked and it was Gregg, showing Ah-Jh who took the pot with ace high.

6:53pm--This is not the MMA

Rather than grappling each other forcing an opponent into submission, this game is employing a more "sweet science" technique. There is the occasional walk, a couple of raises here and there, and the ever-popular three-bet from the small blind. In the first 45 minutes of this level, showdowns have been rare and the one we have seen in the last ten minutes was checked down on the river.

6:42pm--Gregg Takes Two from Benny

Tony Gregg has been pushing around Benny Spindler during the previous two hands. On the first hand, Spindler opened for a 400,000 raise and Gregg re-raised to 1.2 million from the big blind. Spindler folded. On the next hand, action folded to Gregg in the small blind. He raised to 400,000. Spindler called. The flop was Kd-Ks-2s. Gregg bet 525,000 and Spindler folded.

Tony Gregg

6.37pm: More for Spindler

Nazari made it 400,000 pre-flop. Gregg and Spindler both call in the blinds for a flop of Js-7d-3s. Gregg and Spindler checked before Nazari made it 750,000. Gregg folded but Spindler called. Spindler then bet first on the 8s turn card, reloading his stack some more after Nazari mucked.

6;34pm--Benny building back

From the button, Benny Spindler raised to 400,000. Poorya Nazari re-raised to 1.2 million from the small blind. Spindler called and they saw a flop of 5h-2c-5c. Nazari bet 1,475,000 and Spindler moved all-in.

Benny Spindler

Nazari mucked in an instant and Spindler took back some of the chips he lost to Nazari earlier.

6:26pm--Gregg Doubles

Benny Spindler raised to 400,000. Poorya Nazari called from the small blind and Tony Gregg called from the big blind. The flop was Jc-8h-7h. Nazari checked. Gregg bet 725,000. Spindler raised to 2.1 million. Nazari faolded. Gregg moved all in for 3.56 million. Spindler called with Kh-6h for a flush draw. Gregg was ahead with two pair and Js-7s. The turn was the 9s and the river was the 6d. Gregg's hand held up and he doubled up to over 7 million. Spindler slipped to 7 million. Nazari is the chipleader with 12 million.

6:23pm--Gregg not going away

Down to 1,933,000 in chips, Tony Gregg moved all-in from the button with Kd-Js. Pooyra Nazari didn't waste much time before calling with As-5d.

"Easy game!" called Gregg's rail. "Let's see the flop just for fun."

The board came down 9c-5c-Th-Jd-7s and Gregg doubled to nearly four million.

6.20pm: First action after the break

Back from the break a couple of no contest hands are followed by a pot of seven figures between the players in the blinds Benny Spindler and Poorya Nazari. Spindler made it 450,000 from the small with Nazari calling for a flop of 6c-Kh-Js. Spindler added 500,000 to the mix which Nazari called. Both checked the 2s on the turn and Spindler did the same on the 9c river. But Nazari keeps the chip lead, betting out 1,130,000 to take it down.

6:07pm--Players return from snack

After an abbreviated dinner break for the crew, the players are returning to the table to play for the title.

Here's how they stack up:

Poorya Nazari - 13,590,000
Benny Spindler - 10,435,000
Anthony Gregg - 2,865,000