2009 PCA: Level 9 updates

Real-time updates from Level 9 of the 2009 PCA are brought to you by Howard Swains, Paul "Dr Pauly" McGuire, and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.
Levels are 75 minutes long and blinds are 800-1,600 (200).

This post last updated at 1:28pm.

1:28pm--Schwartz lets one go

The river is out and the board is interesting: Kh-Qd-Qs-Qc-4c. Riccardo Laccminelli bets 18,000 into a small-ish pot, and Schwartz is put to the test. Ultimately he lets it go and Laccminelli suddenly shouts something in his native Italian before thumping his cards face up on the table: he shows A-7 for a bluff. Although there's a good chance, of course, that he was ahead.

1:24pm--Brandon and Barry button raising

Barry Greenstein and Brandon Adams are deep in conversation, until it's folded around to Greenstein's button and he makes it 4,200 to go. The conversation stops immediately as Adams calls. The flop is 8h-Kd-5d and Adams checks, Greenstein bets, and Adams folds. Next hand, it's folded to Adams' button and he raises to 4,000. Not quite so successful this; Stephen Devlin re-raises all in for about 30,000 and forces a fold from Adams.

1:20pm--Jon Friedberg Doubles Through Felipe Ramos

Four-way pot pre-flop. All in on the flop between former chipleader Felipe Ramos and Jon Friedberg. Ramos had pocket Queens while Friedberg flopped a set of sixes. Friedberg's hand held up and his stack is around 115,000.

1:10pm--Mass Team slaughter

In just the last few minutes we've seen the end of Victor Ramdin, Andre Akkari, and Katja Thater. The latter of the three was exyremely short-stacked and saw some value in a raise from Dan Heimiller, a flat call, and a re-raise from George Danzer. She put her last 17,000 in, Heimiller and the caller went away, and Danzer called with his pocket tens. Katja had Jc-7c. She caught her seven but never got better.



1:00pm--Greg Raymer Eliminated

The Fossilman is nevermore. He was super-short-stacked at the end of Day 1A and trying to bust. "I went all in 20 times at the end of Day 1 and nobody called me," he said.

Raymer was interested in playing in the $25,000 High Roller event currently underway on the other side of the Imperial Ballroom, so he shoved blind from the cutoff. Dan Heimiller woke up with pocket nines and called. Raymer flipped over his cards one at a time. He tabled the Jd and the 8s.

"I have one over," Raymer said.

The board ran out Jc-9s-2c-Ks-10d. Heimiller won the pot with a set of nines. "I hope I brought you some good luck and you'll win the $25K," mentioned Heimiller. Raymer gathered his things and headed for the cashier.

12:58pm--Seeing the sights

Three things you rarely see around a poker table:

1) A former World Champion eating an apple (red).
2) A Serge Gainsbourg T-shirt.
3) A newly-crowned World Cup of Poker champion.

All of that, and more, on table four today, where Tom McEvoy (apple); Cliff "Johnny Bax" Josephy (French crooner) and Malte Strothmann (World Cup winner) are seated.

12:53pm--The room just got uglier

Word of Veronica Dabul's exit has made it was across the room. the Argentinian knock-out just got knocked out herself when her jacks ran into aces.


Dabul now on the rail

12:44pm--Denes Kalo busts Alexander Duszat

Hungary's Denes Kalo, 2008 EPT Grand Final runner-up, just busted Germany's Alexander Duszat. Kalo's A-K was all good against Duszat's A-5, all-in pre-flop. Neither hand paired and Duszat was out. Across the table, Adam Junglen said to Kalo, "You and me would've played a big pot. I had tens."

12.41pm--New weapons

You know you've entered the second day of competition when the preferred betting unit is the 5,000 blue chip. Christopher Bush and Sascha El-Abiad just started splashing a few around, with Bush raising to 3,200 pre-flop, called by El-Abiad. The flop came Jc-2c-10c. Bush bet 10,000 (this in a stack of yellow chips) and El-Abiad called. The turn was Jd and Bush checked, prompting El-Abiad to bet 15,000 (three blue chips). Call. The river was the 7d and Bush checked again. This time El-Abiad counted out 40,000 and after an age in the tank, Bush called. He showed 10h-9h and his two pair (tens and jacks) beat El-Abiad's pocket fours out of a 120,000+ pot. In the nine seat, Benny Chen watched and stroked his stack of about 190,000. The Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin arrived to the table in the middle of all this. He has NO blue chips at all.

12:34pm--Thomas Kremser Eliminated

EPT tournament director Thomas Kremser was short stacked and open-shoved from under the gun for 22,000 or so. One player in Seat 7 re-raised to isolate Kremser and everyone folded. Kremser tabled Ac-Jc while his opponent flipped over Qd-Qs. The flop was Jh-9h-2s. A glimmer of hope flashed Kremser's way after he picked up a couple of more outs on the flop. The turn was the 6d and the river was the 10d. Kremser could not improve his hand and the Best Dressed Man in Poker over the last decade was nevermore.

12:28pm--Short-stacked OUT!

No surprises to learn that the first player out this morning was the PokerStars qualifier Vijayan Nagarajan, who returned to his seat on day two with only 1,700 in chips. That's one big blind and one ante, in tournament currency. The vultures gathered beside his table this morning to watch him commit to his professed strategy of "Any decent hand and I'm going all in." He did on the first hand he saw, Q-9 suited but ran into A-K and he was gone.


12:22pm--Day 2 is underway

Day 2 is underway with 380 players remaining.