2009 PCA: Peter Eastgate wins...again

by Alex Villegas

With great power comes great responsibility. With the WSOP main event bracelet comes 9.1 million dollars and the title of ambassador of poker. Aside from fame, glory, parties and public relation events, the World Champion is expected to do one thing: play poker. Today Peter Eastgate proved once again, that, yes, he can play poker.

Eastgate cemented his status as world champion in the PCA with a main event cash, and tonight winning the $5,000 side event. Peter's victory can be attributed to Bahamian weather. After leaving his room today Eastgate noticed that it was a bit too cloudy for his taste and decided to play the $5,000 side event. It turned out to be a profitable decision.

The event saw 273 entriesand had a first place prize of $343.000. When the final table was down to five, Eastgate already had an intimidating chip lead. Florian Langmann, who placed second in EPT London back in 2007, had the job of battling Eastgate heads up. If Peter's stack wasn't intimidating enough, his cards were; after getting all the money in pre-flop Eastgate showed pocket kings to Langmann's jacks. The board showed no mercy for Langmann. His jacks didn't win him the event, but did earn him second place and $184,300, a nice result for anyone.


Eastgate's kings earned him $343,000, adding to his already enormous live event winnings, now past the $9,500,000 mark. Oh yeah, he's 22 years old.


Eastgate's win not only further proves that he is a World Champion, it proves there's something in the Bahamas that makes PokerStars players run good. The High Roller and $2,000 side events were both won by Team PokerStars Pro. Now one of the PokerStars Six has taken down another side event and Team PokerStars Pro Alex Gomes has the chip lead for the Main Event final table. There may be something in the water--besides all the chlorine--but chances are it's because some of the best players in the world live and breathe PokerStars.

Photo Courtesy of Bluff Latin America--Ricardo Alfaro