2009 PCA: Post-Dinner Malaise

There is an unexplained phenomenon in poker. For some odd reason there is an unusual number of bustouts in the level right after the dinner break. Perhaps players lose their focus over the lengthy break, or maybe they have a few cocktails at dinner and loosen up their game upon their return to the tables.Then again, with the blinds going up, shorter stacks know that it's time to make a move if they want to accumulate enough chips to advance to Day 2.

- Shirley "Poker Babe" Rosario was one of the first of the post-dinner causalities. She was all in with pocket nines versus Big Slick. Her opponent flopped a King and turned another King. She could not improve her hand on the river and she headed to the rail. She mentioned that she was sticking around to play in the $2,000 NL side event later this week.

- One of the first big dogs is out. Howard Swains reported in a previous post that Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu busted out. As Negreanu left the Imperial Ballroom, a horde of his adoring fans also departed. The Negreanu-heads were out in full force as they hovered around his table. The floor staff acted more like crowd control experts as they continuously asked the Negreanu-heads to stop clogging the aisles.

- Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem was short stacked for most of the afternoon and early evening. The former world champion just bowed out and became yet another post-dinner casualty.

- PokerStars Shooting Star Jan Heitmann from Germany was moved to Ylon Schwartz's table shortly before the players left for dinner. Heitmann's stack is not too healthy compared to Schwartz's 70,000.

- Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer continued the banter with his tablemates. "I never fold Kings," he mentioned. "I actually only folded them once. It was during the (WSOP) Main Event. There was a fourth raise and I just had to lay them down. Of course, he had Aces."


James "mig.com" Mackey

- Two young guns are approaching a potential showdown at Midnight. Ryan Young is still among the chipleaders (if he's not the outright chipleader approaching 150,000). Sitting across from him is James "mig.com" Mackey. Both players won WSOP bracelets in 2007 and in another odd coincidence, both players have exactly $1.5 million in career earnings.

- With a few minutes to go in Level 6, there are approximately 333 players left on Day 1A. Almost half of today's field has already been eliminated.