2009 PCA: Railbirds Flock to Dario

As action passed the 6 o'clock hour, there are approximately 470 players remaining in today's field.

Here are some random tidbits...

- Two-time bracelet winner Mark Seif is among the early chipleaders with almost 100,000.

- This is the time of the day when you start to see a lot of pre-flop all ins with players racing for their tournament lives. Inside of a five minute period, I spotted three hands where A-K was up against pocket Queens. And each time, an Ace fell on the flop to win the pot. One of those instances happened on ElkY and Kathy Liebert's table.

- New table of death? Johnny Bax and Jean-Robert Bellande were moved to the same table that also includes Thomas Kresmer and 2008 WSOP champion Peter Eastgate. The Tournament director of the EPT, Thomas Kremser, currently has 36,000 in chips.


- Dario Minieri's table has the most railbirds in the tournament room. Everyone's favorite scarf-wearing Italian remarkably has more spectators than some guy named Phil Ivey. Yesterday, the dubious honor of 'most railbirds' went to Daniel Negreanu.

- The final table of the World Cup of Poker has been running on the TV table after day long. "We're in last!" screamed Daniel Negreanu to us at media row as he sauntered outside for a break. Looks like Team Canada is not faring so well.

- Shane "Shaniac" Shleger is smoking hot right now after he pushed his stack to over 60,000.

- Everyone's favorite poker vagabond Brandon Schaefer is up to 32,000.

- Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater is struggling a bit and slipped to 13,000.

- PokerStars qualifier Javier "Anguila" Etayo from Madrid, Spain doubled up when his Kings held up against pocket Jacks. 'Anguila' is Spainish for 'eel' and the Eel is looking pretty good with 37,000.

- Ricky "FiveFingerz" Puleo took a a hit int he first level and lost almost half of his stack to Nenad Medic. He fought back to get over 25,000 but has slipped since then. He's hovering around 18,000.