2009 PCA: Raymer's vow, and the Tommy Angelo experiment

"Someday I'm going to try the Tommy Angelo experiment."

That's Greg Raymer holding court in the two-seat. Though his face doesn't give away what happened to his chip stack, it's clear even at 12 feet that it must have had something to do with aces.

"What you do," Raymer explains, "is you come in one day and open-fold aces. No action to you or anything. Just fold them."

The table, as you might expect, sat incredulous.

Raymer continued, "Just to prove to yourself the world isn't going to end."

Though FossilMan may someday follow the master poker story-teller's plan and open-fold aces, it won't happen tonight.

See, Raymer wants 80,000 chips for Day 2. Right now he has 40,000. He had more, but two unfortunate hands set him back. The first happened when Evelyn Ng open-pushed for 7,000. Raymer called with pocket tens, sure no one would call behind him. Instead, a player Raymer describes as "the guy who plays too loose" called too. With more than 20,000 in the pot, the 8-7-4 flop looked divine. Raymer bet at it and loose-goosey folded. Irrelevant, really, as Ng had hit her miracle, flopping a set with pocket eights.


Not too much later, Raymer's aces got cracked by AK on a K-6-6-K-x board. Raymer was able to get away from it without losing more than 16,000, but it was enough to set him on a curious path.

With two levels remaining in the night, Raymer has made a solemn vow. He will have at least 80,000 chips at night's end or he will have zero. It's as simple as that.

There is a method here you have to consider. This $10,000 event is going to have a first prize of more than $2 million, so anybody would want a shot at winning. Thing is, Wednesday (the official Day 2 of the main event) happens to coincide with the $25,000 High Roller event. Raymer, as you might expect, wants to play. If he's playing Day 2 of the main event, he wants a stack to play for the final table. If not, he wants to be in on the big action. Simple. And so he has his plan...double up or get the hell out of here.

That means for the next two hours, you can expect to see a lot of what you see in the picture below: Raymer all-in with a devious smile on his face.


As if to prove he's not mucking around, when Ng came in for a raise to 5,000, Raymer just looked at her and then pushed in all his chips. Ng folded and Raymer was 5,000 closer to his goal.

I suspect Raymer will eventually clue everyone in on his plan. After the Tommy Angelo talk, his opponents probably won't believe him. Frankly, that will probably fit into Raymer's scheme just fine.


In other news, the tournament has a new chip leader and his name is Marcin Horecki. The Polish PokerStars Pro just beat the wadding out of an opponent's weak ace with pocket kings. Horecki now sits just short of 200,000.


Finally, here's a bit with another Team PokerStars Pro, Alex Gomes, and his thoughts on the PCA.

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