2009 PCA: Second

Play has entered the final level of day 1B; indeed it's the final level of two day ones during which two thirds of the 1,347 starters have departed into the Bahamian night.

Around this time yesterday, Felipe Ramos started his incredible charge to the chip lead. The PokerStars player from Brazil bagged up something like 360,000 in chips and he was comfortably out ahead.

The news from today is that no one has caught Ramos. In fact, no one has got anywhere near him. Today's field has its chip-leaders and its short-stacks, but the largest is probably either Chris Underwood's or Eric Liu's, both of whom have round about the 150,000 mark, less than half Ramos's total from yesterday.

We still have more than an hour to play and that can change very swiftly. And no one is making any grand declarations just yet.

While we wait for the final judgment on the day, here's a brief chat with Peter Eastgate on how he deals with playing poor players. Or "fish" to use the poker term.

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