2009 PCA: The Four Corners

There's one area of the Imperial Ballroom that features four tables of significance with three Team PokerStars Pros. If I stand in the aisle, I could catch the action on all four tables.

At the first table, Greg Raymer has an intimidating a big stack worth 80,000. Evelyn Ng is also seated there and sending text messages to her friends.

Daniel Negreanu is sitting at the table in front of Raymer. Negreanu's table always attracts a healthy amount of railbirds and a small crowd has gathered as they root on their hero.


Joe Hachem is seated at an adjacent table. The former champ is super short stacked but still takes time to pose for pictures for anyone who wanders up with a digital camera or an iPhone.

And at the fourth table is Ylon Schwartz. The always breezy member of the PokerStars Six has slowly been adding to his stack. He had fellow November Nine finalist sitting to his immediate left, but Scott Montgomery recently busted.

Here's some other random tid bits I noticed as I strolled through the room...

- Gavin Griffin is out. The Team PokerStars Pro had been shortstacked for most of the afternoon and finally hit the rail.

- Boris Becker is playing a series of heads up matches against online qualifiers in a special event called Battle Boris. If they beat Boris Becker, they get a seat into the PCA. If they lose? They go home with nothing. Thus far, Becker is 1-1. Stay tuned for a full event wrap up of Battle Boris by our very own Stephen Bartley.

- Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki slipped to under 18,000 in chips. Shirley "Poker Babe" Rosario is sitting to his right.

- Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown and PokerStars Six player Dennis Phillips were both eliminated from Day 1A. They are currently playing an SNG on the other side of the Imperial Ballroom.

- Barry Greenstein was moved tables. He's now sitting at the same table as John Myung and bracelet winner Alan Smurfitt from Ireland.

- Greg Raymer is happily explaining the rules and intricacies of Badugi to the players at his table. PokerStars recently launched Badugi cash games much to the delight of Team PokerStars Pros Barry Greenstein and Greg Raymer.