2009 PCA: The snack wrap

When we bloggers begin to finish up our work for the night, we put our biggest efforts into what we oh-so-creatively call The Wrap. Now, as we finish up the fifth level of the day and go to dinner, it's time for a brief snack.

Here's a quick breakdown of where things stand at the 90-minute dinner break. Of the 668 starters, somewhere around 440 remain. When dinner is finished, we'll see three more levels before breaking for the evening. Below is a quick look at how the day got started.

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The apparent chip leader at the moment is Ryan Young. In just five levels of play, Young has managed to turn his 20,000 starting stack into 145,000. That's good for the chip lead and likely a very relaxing post-dinner evening.


Ryan Young

Other big stacks at the break include Ludovic Lacay (114,000) Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer (76,000), Ylon Schwartz (70,000), and Jeff Madsen (75,000). Courtland Twyman likewise has rocketed his way up to 85,000 after coming out on the good end of a J-J vs. A-K vs. A-K battle.


Courtland Twyman

For a quick look at some selected dinner break chip counts, see the 2009 PCA Chip Counts page.

Not faring as well in the early going today have been a few members of Team PokerStars Pro. Early eliminations include Chad Brown, Gavin Griffin, and 2006 PCA champion Steve Paul-Ambrose. WSOP final table player and member of the PokerStars Six Dennis Phillips also hit the rail early and is already fooling around in the Sit & Go events on the other side of the room. Mike "Timex" McDonald and Terrence Chan will also be finding another way to spend the night. As reported by fellow blogger Paul McGuire:

I caught the hand in progress. The player from the button raised. Terrence Chan went all in from the small blind for his last 2,250. A player at the cutoff tanked for several minutes before he called. Chan was all in and had a chance to triple up. The flop was Qd-8s-2c. The player from the cutoff tossed out a blue 5,000 chip. The button player smirked and then folded. Chan tabled pocket Aces. His opponent flipped over pocket eights for a flopped a set. Before the dealer could deal the turn card, Chan stood up and grabbed his things. The turn was the Jh and the river was the 10d. Chan's hand did not improve and he was eliminated.

While we hope you've been hanging on every post here, we'll understand if you're just tuning in for the evening. Here's a quick look back at what we've reported so far today.

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If that isn't enough to sate your appetite, we now have a first look at the insanely-big PokerStars PCA welcome party.

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We'll all be back here at 9pm ET to pick up the action.